The Big Bang Theory: 10 Questions That Chuck Lorre on the "heartbreaking" end of "Big 1 day ago   10:02

Fans might storm the studio if The Big Bang Theory doesn't answer these 10 unanswered questions! #TheBigBangTheory

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Angela Longinidis
I have one - will we ever learn Penny’s maiden name? It was never said what her last name was. Now it’s presumably Hofstadter, but what was it before???
Little Miss
Halley and Michael. You got their names wrong
I bet Penny's last name is Nichols.
Xthan Mantle
Good luck to parson in getting me to see anything else that hints at him
Alex Guglielmi
Hey, WhatCulture. Levar Burton was on the bridge. During the first season of the Next Generation, he was the conn officer. Do your research.
Right guys stop promoting That Film Theory as a brand new channel. Its over a year old now
Travis Deubler
I think the elevator should get fix in the last episode. So whole gang gets in it but the elevator breaks again with them in it Sheldon say something you wanna here interesting fact and that is how the series ends.
Robin Rountree
NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!! #1 Why does Howard always wear an alien pin on the neck of his dickie????

P. S. Elevators have to be fixed by licensed contractors. Its the law.
Diane Zimmerman
There are 2 physicists, and astronomer, and an aeronautical engineer. Not even a mechanical engineer.

None have the background to fix the frelling elevator!
Odysseus Rex
I'll tell you what I would find a satisfying reveal about Leonard's siblings. What if it turns out that their manipulative, abusive, shrew of a mother runs them down and makes unfavorable comparisons of them to Leonard and each other? What if they finally all got together, compared notes, and realized what a monster Mommy Dearest really is, maintaining her own pretense of intellectual accomplishment by constantly attacking her own, much more successful, children, and they all chuck her into a particle accelerator?
Ash Faaq
You really need to get your Howard facts straight
The elevator was destroyed by a bomb. It's not your avarage handyman repair job.
Harshal Vaidya
Omg, I just imagined the ending and it will be so perfect, the elevator door closing in while we watch our favourite sitcom coming to an end. Damn now I feel like crying😭
Xu Zu
I couldn't care less who Howard's father is. He doesn't deserve to be known.
Albert Elnen
What needs to be cleared up if Raj is gay?
LongDistanceGaming ™
“Mrs. Leonard”
John Benn
I Have a good question.
Why did this CRAPPY so called Comedy have to start.
Must be the most unfunny TV Show ever.
Any English or Aussie comedy shows are much better than this CRAP.
James Moore
Raj comes out of the closet, Bernadette leaves Howard for a BBC ,Sheldon gets brain cancer, Penny and Leonard get a divorce, and Stewart hits the Powerball
Captain Jack
They forgot that his dad has another family
ma SK
I just want to know Penny’s last name
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Chuck Lorre on the "heartbreaking" end of "Big The Big Bang Theory: 10 Questions That 1 day ago   08:16

Correspondent Tony Dokoupil talks with Chuck Lorre, the producer of such TV hits as "The Big Bang Theory," "Young Sheldon" and "Mom," who discusses his latest show for Netflix, "The Kominsky Method," as well as with the series' star Michael Douglas. Lorre also talks about his tough childhood on Long Island, his late-blooming success in TV, and rewriting his reputation as "The Angriest Man in Television."

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