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How much land mass would renewables need to power a nation like the UK? An entire country's worth. In this pragmatic talk, David MacKay tours the basic mathematics that show worrying limitations on our sustainable energy options and explains why we should pursue them anyway. (Filmed at TEDxWarwick.)

Lesson by David MacKay.

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jay smith
Decode the book bye looking at it in the reflection
W Hoggdoc
Seems to me he painted a very poor picture for renewables.
The energy consumption per person in the UK/Germany/Japan/New Zealand is only slightly above countries like Libya and Kazakhstan who are practically still in the Stone Age? Also, UK currently has a pop density of around 395, while India is around 380, yet in this graphic India is clearly ahead of UK?
Son of Liberty
He didn't even get into the reality check on the actual benefit from the renewable. It is my understanding that by time you construct ship erect and maintain a Wind Tower you have consumed more energy Vandy when Tower will ever produce. There are similar results to a lesser degree for solar power. And again for biofuels they demand a lot of energy to produce. The only thing that has made these alternative energies attractive, is governmental subsidies offsetting the cost of putting them in. You give me a government subsidy to pay for 1/2- 3/4 of a solar system for my house it's unattractive option. If I pay full cost , it's not attractive anymore. Clearly the best energy source he mentioned what is nuclear. Nuclear can create a relatively cheap and abundant source of electricity which can be used to convert other sources of energy such as hydrogen for biofuel.
And btw, how much power loss will be in the cables all the way from Sahara to England? 10%? 30%?
Jerry Roane
Energy efficiency is most of the answer both on supply side and demand side. 4-passenger cars will be 8X as efficient as 2019 designs. Cd .07 frontal area 12.055 square feet -- rolling drag coef .002. LED lighting combined with automatic turning off is a significant contributor to efficiency. Not lighting the night sky another. Light pollution robs urban children of the wonders of creation. Insulation far beyond old brick building retrofits is a no brainer. Aiming your solar panels at the sun makes sense once you invest in the panels. Eliminating traffic congestion using V2V communications is an obvious gain in efficiency. The political class will not let the tech class go at these pressing problems. District heat if you want to go hybrid (fossil fuel-efficiency) makes money and saves massive amount of existing burned energy. Water lost to evaporation from nukes or burning coal et al is inexcusable waste of that resource. Energy to deliver water is extreme. Nukes waste water to the tune of over 1 gallon per dime of electricity it gets credit for while not accounting for the lost water replacement. Not bad for being from 2013 though.
In other words, fossil fuels are to stay with us for many, many, many years
Les Roberts
Deon Grantham
Biomass also could imply fungi and bacterial not just grass. Again limited thinking.
Deon Grantham
This is limited short sighted thinking.
Deon Grantham
I vote for decentralizing and an I ntergrated energy systems that don't involve Uranium.
Richard Gault
Great approach, do the math and don’t just follow the hype without a logical plan. I think of governments that jump on the band wagon without a thought to cost all for the sake of virtue signalling. Do it smart, one point not mentioned by his talk nor by the comments I’ve read (I haven’t read them all), is the problem of intermittent power supply of wind and solar and storage of the power...
Coal and oil have a fraction of the problems of "renewables". They are just nonsense and are simply not financially viable. One of three examples: https://w-vidz.com/videow/Yq5C72oSpHe&j=188i
Re Boot
3:34 125kwh is 125,000wh. If he uses a 100w lightbulb that's 1250 lightbulb not 125. Am I missing something...
Take a look at www.vertogen.eu
William Vaux
fossil fuels are simply the best option we have. The most reliable and cheapest, we shouldn't be trying to get rid of them because CO2 is not a problem. It's not a switch for temperature it's life for plants. We are getting better with ways to reduce pollution from fossil fuels. The reason so many countries have developed and extended life expectancy is due to fossil fuels, where else can we get steel and concrete.
Liberal lunatics don’t want to have conversations. They only want to talk at you and hear themselves.
Robert Jackson
Tesla has created an electric car truck semi then a solar roof and solar battery four $60,000,000. The discussion did not list ocean power for Brit I an.pumped water is as cheap as hydro. Ocean power is 24/7 . he did not look at stranded cost construction fuel source and carbon removal or peak power cost or smart house use of energy after midnight. Hot water heating late night or solar and just in time. A tiny house shows what is most efficient.
The cost of fires hurricanes tornados from climate change. Look at new Orleans new York TX Florida and fires in the West. Not calculated as a stranded cost. China has done the other extreme 50,000,000 vacant homes solar panels and mass transit. There homes are priced at $100k but per cap income is 12k per year . 25% of population have no work permits to work urban areas and no local education. China solar is national mandate but no real home ownership or property right. The government can evict a whole town build a new city but no jobs or income to afford the houses. Now they import labor like Germany.
Dost Thou Even Logic Brethren?
Drake Landing Solar Community in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada has been producing solar heating in the tundra for over 10 years. They have achieved over 90% of space heating from solar heating throughout that time, reaching 96% in the last couple years, and even 92% during 2013 and 2014, when the winter reached -40 for a few weeks in December/January. Given the cold conditions they face, it is extremely plausible to achieve the majority of the world's heating needs through this method, with reduction of 90% in colder climates like ours. That would amount to a huge change in the need for heating production, if only 10% of the world's heating in the most extreme cold regions needs to be produced through other means.
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Why is VENEZUELA a CATASTROPHY? - VisualPolitik EN A reality check on renewables - David 2 months ago   09:40

It wasn’t so long ago that Venezuela was the wealthiest nation in the entire of South America. Today, half of their population lives in extreme poverty. So, the question is… How did they end up there? What did their government do so wrong to destroy an economy in so little time? Today, we are gonna tell you the story.

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