Game Theory: Is the Lost Level Who's Your Daddy Funny 2 days ago   15:58

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The alleged Zoo Level in Accounting+ is either the greatest mystery in gaming, or the greatest troll. And this time I've left no random object unturned in my search for the truth! It's time to decide if there really is a "missing level."

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Editors: Dan Seibert, Koen Verhagen
Writer: Matthew Patrick
Researcher and game-hacker extraordinaire: Zach Stewart

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The Game Theorists
It exists...we found someone who is able to dig even deeper into the code and we're just now finding the pieces.
He's in the RAW code and it's still a struggle to figure out how exactly it's hidden.
But it's there. Definitely.
We'll let you know what we find!
Oliver McKinley
Maybe give the acid to the door guy if you haven’t tried it
Toasy Stuff
you do realise that the game could download files from another source, just saying
Joshua Gain
Idk if this is gonna help anyone but the phonetics say "This is not an ARG clue".
MatPat, You need to run the secret mp3 file on a spectograph
Joseph Bosch
what about the bar code and text on the left side of the zoo level cartridge?
bzeno 0
Plz matpat what happened to the math and science related epispdes come on they were epic and u have lost so many subscribers to this
Peter Parker
The intro was so funny XD
Killer Valentine
After just coming off the first part of this video series I was at just about to say that what if the zoo level is really a homemade to the idea of what happens if you "feed the monkeys"

Like a good example of current times about not feeding the monkeys was one video game on Steam and which a person that is a basic voice is inducted into secret society or he just spies on people and every time calls the people that you spies on or give them some sort of treat, he is feeding the monkeys does making the entertainment of watching them even more richer.

So I always thought that the secret Zoo level would be what would happen if you feed the monkeys and the monkeys being us.
Axle Greymoon
Hmm i think you build the files via the puzzles just like the downloaded .wav it may be a series of strings and lose ends but its a possibility thaf does exist that maybe the reasin the files arent in the game. Also clownass may be another passwird for the original file that also downloaded it
Ashanti Sloan
yo, im keen on patterns, its my thing i see patterns in everything, and with this particular game, i think it works similar to "The unlce who works at nintendo" or even "undertale" the reason being, "trickshots" or as i see it, triggers. i believe more overly the game works with triggers each trigger you activate sets up both the default game experience and other game experiences, and when the game is over, i believe the game to cache your decisions made which carries on into other play through's, for example the moon level, it seems to unlock after a certain amount of trick-shots, starting with i think, the basketball... not sure from there, but it would seem the game retains "memory" in a sublte way of... like the Stanely parable which happens to be getting more endings in the Stanley Parable Deluxe sporting almost the same color of the secret zoo level animal photo. btw comments, has anyone checked the VR version of press the button, because Stanley is the operator for the buttons for that game, just happened to note that,
renzo sebastian diaz
Hey game theory try2638684685165861753761754775173572537531739026352836735375183726723572527352892727385381639638369253826484672737RIGD54861
I got an ad for an accounting degree on this
What if you are the zoo lol
Cooper Davis
Chris Daley
I think WE are the zoo level, or the actors in it. I think the “Zoo Level” is our mad hunt to find a level that isn’t there. We are the animals on display.
Animuff Bro
Try playing the save the animals song on the xylophone
Sorian Rapson
Check the original game accounting instead that could help instead of accounting +
Ethan Knotts
According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.
Nicholas Stephen
Play "save the animals" on the xylobones perhaps...
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Who's Your Daddy Funny Game Theory: Is the Lost Level 2 days ago   10:30

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