Intense Battle of Kominternove - RAW Ukraine-Donbass Most INSANE Bullets In The World! 3 months ago   21:57

Russia Insight
Source NewsFront
Translation courtesy of Ukraine War Awareness
Mid-July 2016, The National Guard of Ukraine [NGU] is pressing further on the "Separation Line" of Kominternove, North of Shyrokyne.
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Is it only a wetern thing to wear ear plugs? Are we seriously the only one's who issue and, use hearing protection?
God Bless Mother Russia and her patriot defenders. From the USA....some of us know the truth.
Pure russian propaganda
vesi Cal
The true righteous side in this.
Rant Therapist
Stop this war. Russians, Ukrainians, unite back! Your roots come from the same place, your history is rich and old, older than most countries! Your people don't need this. No one needs this war. There's plenty of death and sickness in regular civilian life. Please don't forget the love that Ukrainians have for Russians and the love that Russians have for Ukrainians. Please guys, both sides, let's stop this killing, it's unneeded. Let's live, let's choose life for each other, for all of us. I love you all and I will pray for peace. I don't hate either side. On Ukrainian's side the conscripted soldiers have no choice being given a command, and the boys in Donbass, some natives protecting their land because of all the crazy shit they've seen and some Russian guys helping them out, I understand this, I understand. But please, let's stop this war, let's stop this black plague of death. Let's stop this so the old mothers can stop crying and have some peace in their old fragile hearts guys. Let's get in touch with our humanity, with the peace and love in our hearts. Yes boys, you are good at war, but you are better at life! Please peace come soon, I hate seeing this so much. May God bring peace to our land soon.
Alex Mercier
He is calling for a squadron called 44 and they do not have connection with them here is the 4th translations suck
Agogo Destroyer
I pity all soldiers involved in this conflict - Russian or Ukrainian. This violence is unnecessary. Why can't they make peace?
james brown
Where the fuck is the insane battler? the author is stupid as shit. I hope all the Russian will die with suffer.
Tom D
Why the music? This is war, not a horror film. It's insulting to these men fighting. Respect!
Tjmon Hunchak
заїбали пиздіти кацапи
Tjmon Hunchak
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂russian piderussian
slim in da hood sunshine
the Russian economy is backed by the gold standard, others cant handle that good fact!!! sad ppl are misled about real facts, and have to die for BS!
Max Z
The best of AK - RPK.
Slav Slv
Кацапы - тупые выродки!
Валентин Терешков
гибнет усроина! программа Госдепа по сокращению населения работает во всю силу! Хохлы, возьмитесь за руки и ползите на погост!
What side is the pro ukraine side and what is the pro russia side? i'm not well read on this war.
Cattle Herder
I find it hilarous that everyones like " LOOK THEY ARE USING OLD TECH!" as if nothing can be orchestraded these days. As if nobody uses propaganda anymore. Theres Russian Spec Ops in ukraine. Theres GRAD systems and high tech surfice to air missiles in the hands of these "rebels". Of course we wont see that in russian propaganda.
f fk
WW3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Von Dietmar
Russian propaganda? everybody knows that Russia invades into E.Ukraine
Baron Von Grijffenbourg
Bullshit propaganda. They're not under any real fire. All the shots of explosions are edited in and the 'enemy' is just some buddies shooting over their heads for dramatic effect. We don't get to see the so called wounded man who got shot in his hand either.
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Most INSANE Bullets In The World! Intense Battle of Kominternove - RAW Ukraine-Donbass 3 months ago   13:36

Check out the most insane bullets in the world! This top 10 list of scariest and deadliest ammunition creates some of the most dangerous military weapons ever!

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11: Dragon’s Breath Rounds
Dragon’s breath rounds consist of mostly magnesium pellets and shards. These are considered some of the coolest and most exotic shotgun rounds ever! It is not considered a tactical load and is really just for fun although it can be quite dangerous.

10. Hollow Points
Hollow point bullets have exactly that. A hollowed out shape in the point of the bullet which causes it to expand as it hits its target, causing more damage to tissue.
They are outlawed for use in warfare, and in many countries and states in the US, but they are used by some law enforcement personnel, and ordinary gun owners in self-defense.

9. Railgun Projectiles
Actually, who needs bullets at all anymore?? The US Navy electromagnetic railgun is essentially a super weapon!! This futuristic projectile is safer to stockpile than explosive ammunition and much cheaper. The railgun can fire a hardened projectile and blast anything it hits like a meteorite from outer space.

8: The .577 Tyrannosaur
For those not acquainted with the T-Rex: It was one of the deadliest carnivorous dinosaurs, with teeth the size of bananas. What’s more, it could swallow 500 pounds of flesh in one bite. If you want to learn more, just watch my video on the largest carnivorous dinosaurs of all time!!

7. Nuclear Bullets
After the collapse of the USSR, the media started reporting on the presence of a mysterious weapon developed since the 1960s. According the original article which was published in Russian, Soviet physicists were producing nuclear bullet fillers out of an element called californium.

6: Depleted Uranium Silver Bullets
While Soviet nuclear bullets read like science fiction, depleted uranium bullets, DUs, are pure fact. These rounds penetrate through thick hardened steel, making them the ultimate tank killers.

5: Flash Thunder Grenade Ammo
The Flash Thunder Grenade Ammo is not your typical shotgun round. A shot produces a blinding flash and an extremely powerful blast of 182 decibels. At just a little more, 195 dB, the human eardrums rupture. Jet planes taking off only produce 165dB.

4: Macho Gaucho Rounds
Macho Gaucho rounds mimic the appearance of the “bolas,” a device made by linking two heavy balls with a string of one-to-two feet. Gauchos or South American cowboys have used this contraption for hundreds of years to hunt game and capture cattle since it entangles the animal’s legs causing it to trip.

3: Jihawg Ammo
Labeled as the most controversial round in the universe, the Jihawg Ammo is the subject of much criticism and ridicule, even in the gun owning community.
Its creators, believed to be some Idaho gun owners, were sitting around a campfire enjoying their drinks.

2: Punt Gun Shells
The Punt Gun is the largest shotgun ever, used avidly by wildfowl hunters in the 19th to 20th centuries. A typical punt gun averaged 8 feet 4 inches in length, weighed 43 kg, and had a bore diameter of 2-inches ( 51 mm)

1: G-2 Research R.I.P. Bullet
Topping this list of insane bullets is the Radically Invasive Projectile, nicknamed the “Rest in Peace” bullet. Many consider it the world’s deadliest bullet, and the manufacturer markets it as “the last round you’ll ever need.”

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