Jannie Pretend Play w/ Kids Ryan's Drive Thru Pretend 1 day ago   09:58

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Jannie pretend play with her make up toys and dress up as cute Disney princesses with their costume and dresses. She puts on cute wigs and costumes for each one. The Disney princess dresses that she tries on are Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, and Snow White. She asks her magic mirror to see who is the prettiest princess of them all? Who do you guys think is the prettiest?

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Rebel Heart
my favoritve is cindella for my birthday
filsan barkad
I like princesses. Rapanzal
Valentina Conant
Valentina Conant
I like the castle Jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shaz Hussain
My favourite costume was Cinderella
Manasi Atre
Jennie snow white is my favourite costume
manga Sekhon
manga Sekhon
Pauline Orr
Snow white is my favourite
Biju Velayudha
I love Jannie.....She is lovely and. cute
muhammad nisar
She looks really cute in the snowhite dress😘
Maria Avila
Snow white 😊
Vannah Rin
Snow white
Snow. white
Maddison Warnes
My favourite costume is belle
Chanelle Sweeney
I love Jenny so much well done Jenny
Maricela Barajas
I watch your videos every day 😁😁
Sam Neam
I like it
carol josh i l love doramon
My favourite princess is Cinderella 😙😙❤❤💟🌹❤❤
Volt Toys Review
nice make up and dress 😃
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Ryan's Drive Thru Pretend Jannie Pretend Play w/ Kids 1 day ago   39:27

Ryan's Drive Thru Pretend Play Restaurant on Kids Power Wheels ride on car! Fun play Food toys video for kids with Ryan ToysReview!!! Ryan also opens fun surprise toys!!!

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