The Battery Revolution! From Turning The Rise of Electric Cars Worldwide 2 months ago   13:33

Richard Aguilar
100-Watt Portable Generator Power Station, 40800mAh 151Wh CPAP Battery Pack, Home Camping Emergency Power Supply Charged by Solar Panel/Wall Outlet/Car ==

Korean companies leading battery revolution.
$3 billion project hopes to turn Hoover Dam into giant battery system.
BMW's first battery factory outside Europe opens in China.
Highway sound barriers with solar panels produce green energy.
Korean firms battle to gain upper hand in electric car battery market.
Mercedes unveils electric car in challenge to Tesla.
South Australia's giant Tesla battery confounds critics.

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Richard Aguilar
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Robert Galletta
run 350MW dynamos in a cascade. 1 to 5, 5 to 25, etc....
Steve Fortuna
30 years ago these innovations would have been American. BUT we cut research & development and funding to colleges so rich people could have lower taxes. Goodbye leadership in innovation, America, and say hello to devaluation of the dollar. We spend our money killing brown people who have OIL under their sand so Exxon and General Dynamics can reap profits while opportunities for Americans wane day by day.
Drew Steeves
Why pump the water back. Put the money into more renewables. Stop the water when renewables can satisfy demand. Use the water when the renewables can’t match demand.
Blissfully Ignorant
Stupid government waste. Just buy tesla commercial batteries
MikeJ F
Daimler has been one of Tesla backers, so I could see them becoming a great competitor to them. Just interesting how it’s depicted in this video.
Climate change = global scandal .
Allen Allen
The better call Elon Musk and Tesla for the batteries and the whole system because anyone else is going to run it over budget by billions
Unless these yahoos can claim that the hydro turbines are already throttled back ... TO NOTHING, if necessary ... when there is one of these "surplusses" of renewable power, this scheme is a boondoggle.
chad Lim
Naa dont think it's good for the environment
Seuleti Leha
Cool visionary.
Bingku Xyavong
This is why Laos should continue building our Dam project for our future development of perhaps charging batteries and other energy function in Asean Southeast Asia!
Jose Sousa
The LCOE of batteries and pumped hydro must be compared, because we are achieving great prices with battery technologies. At this point I think that batteries could be a better choice. Have I told you it's more fast to build a storage facility with batteries then to build a pumped hydro station?
Bill Cichoke
The only hydroelectric system I'm aware of that powers the west coast, is the hydroelectric system along the Columbia river basin. The Hoover dam has been in need of repair and has been running at a far lower operating level, due to its construction and the old turbines still being used. The Bonneville dam near Portland, by comparison, has been updated and upgraded over the years.

I find the politician's complaint about wildfires tragically funny. If it weren't for their obeisance to enviro-whackos regarding the spotted owl fiasco, logging companies would still be maintaining the forests and minimizing fuel load, and ranchers' cattle herds would still be on the plains, eating grasses and fertilizing the ground at the same time, avoiding the desertification that makes for more destructive wildfire seasons.

These goobers are the LAST people to listen to as far as solutions. Their earlier 'solutions' have created most of our current problems.
I found this video really irritating, we have heard this kind of thing over and over again but we never see the batteries on the market, or those that are on the market tend to be very expensive.
My innovation is that the sound absorbing wall along the highways will be of a piezoelectric material that will make electricity during peak traffic hours.
jack g
bmw is so far behind by several years over tesla. I have talked to so many tesla owners, all of them luv them and would never give them up. I wish i could afford. Cant wait till cheaper cars will have at least 500 klm range while being so much cheaper. Lithium batteries too expensive, too heavy and sometimes catch on fire. Graphene batteries are still too expensive. Now being tested with amazing results and cheaper than lead batteries are the new Hemp batteries. sorry dont have the link here. Yes, its on youtube.
I don’t like Dams
Ŕ̵̵͟ad̨͢͠ ЯaϾϾooИ
I appreciate the work you put into your videos, you are truly an open minded gentleman and a scholar.
I always look forward to these videos on what's going on in the world regarding technical innovations. It's an exciting time to be alive.
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The Rise of Electric Cars Worldwide The Battery Revolution! From Turning 2 months ago   17:05

Sales Of Electric Cars Have Doubled In Colorado.
Can electric vehicles handle cold, Canadian winters.
China drives consumers to electric cars.
China now world’s largest electric vehicle market.
Electric Tesla Pickups To Come After More Crossovers.
Hyundai Motor to boost electric car lineup.
Singapore rolls out electric car-sharing scheme.

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