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Mark Morton - Anesthetic is available March 1st.
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Music video by Mark Morton performing Cross Off (Lyric Video). © 2019 WPP Records, under exclusive license to Universal Music Operations Limited

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Robert Phillips
Why am i just now hearing this Amazing Masterpiece for the 1st time R.I.P. Chester but i fucking want moooore💙💙💙💙
Art reminds me of Daniel Danger - who did it?
Cody yomi
This is lit i love it
Colby Crawford
Who ever disliked this song... You are fucking lame. For real first off Lamb of God ... To a extent... but I think Chester is a pussy for killing himself but this is a bad ass song my feelings or not
Alex Hughes
I listen to this song everyday and will till I die for Chester, no matter how much you have, nothing forever satisfies rip Chester ♥️
Byron Escobar
Chester still is on fire 😎
Matt Tomato
Hell fucking yeah !!!
Respawnables Reviews
Metal days flashback❤❤❤❤
Yamm Alesana
Cross Off live, ufff
Jude Groomes
Just keep promoting your album then dude
Lamia Kerri
Dyummmmm the riff
Genesis Itamar
Timothy Boyd
Completely speechless.. I can't..
lkjhgfd2 ñlkjhgf2
Is that a xxtentancion reference?
Reaperhawk Gaming
Did anyone notice how heartbreaking Chester's lyrics are in this song? You can tell now he was dealing with alot. Miss ya man, you helped me out with alot back in the day to the point friends and myself had a cover band singing all of LPs songs from Hybrid Theory and Meteora.... RIP Chester.
Cross off the days and hide behind the LIES. (you all know what those lines mean now)
This song feels empty knowing Chester isn’t with us anymore
Dwayne Nelson
Hearing his voice again ... So many emotions breaking free. On one hand there is the excitement of hearing Chester ... My entire body one big goosebump. On the other the sadness that he is gone and like me so many of the masses when that tragic day happened felt as if we lost a piece of ourselves. I miss your music, miss your lyrics, and I miss the connection that you had with all of us. Rest in Peace Chester ...
Matt Kellogg
I love the fact that posthumous Chester is helping get Mark on the Radio - more people will find Lamb of God now and that's a GOOD thing. RIP Chester!
Angry Beard Man
I can not wait for this full album!
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Bring Me The Horizon - Drown (Royal Mark Morton - Cross Off (Lyric 2 days ago   06:04


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