Weed Strains Should Be More Chris Redd - Fighting in Chicago 1 day ago   06:17

Comedy Central Stand-Up
Tom Thakkar argues weed strains should come with more descriptive labels and reveals the pranks he pulls on gross guys from Craigslist. (Contains strong language.)

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chas ames
Ahem. Yes. Humorous.
Came for the weed, left for the corn 👉👉
Siddharth Krishnan
Fuckin awesome. Nuff said.
Areeb Hassan
He made me sad
Really funny! I can’t wait for the whole special!
Evan Duncan
I had a "this ain't the time for that moment" too. I took my grandma because she loves the Marvel movies but she was extra excited for the black superhero movie. We sat next to an interracial couple and the white lady pulled out her phone after it started and started scrolling through the internet.
helloo helloo
He aight but I didn’t get that bakers 69 bit?
nick cauthen
Definitely one of those times a two drink minimum would come in handy.
Alieza Renee'
I’m from Indiana and nah lol. Corn is not that serious in cities. Maybe in farm country but nah.
Raunchy Squanchy
Tom Haverford from Pawnee. Indiana
Mateo Cort
He's funny, nothing about strains though :(
Damian Louden
victor resendez
Comedy Central desperate relying on click bait
Jordan St. Martin
I’m from Indiana and this was great. When I go back ima be looking at the corn people😂😂
Jordan St. Martin
I’m from Indiana and this was great. When I go back ima be looking at the corn people😂😂
historic Mammal
What kind of weed is this dude smoking bruh😂😂
This aint it
aspiring youth xxx
This guy is Quagmire
"my cat should be the president " there's a name in that. lol
Brandon Isham
When did gru start doing stand up
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Chris Redd - Fighting in Chicago Weed Strains Should Be More 1 day ago   17:36

After getting humiliated in a street fight, Chris Redd prepares himself for future brawls by watching Bruce Lee movies.

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