Renewable energy: Scotland's new industrial Scotland Touts Tidal Energy 1 day ago   03:13

Scottish Renewables
This video was produced by Scottish Renewables for the 2018 Scottish Green Energy Awards.

It looks back at the past 12 month's achievements and forward at the challenges and opportunities which face our industry as we deliver the economic benefits of tackling climate change.

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Scotland Touts Tidal Energy Renewable energy: Scotland's new industrial 1 day ago   14:09

Scotland's Tidal Energy Future: Producing 70% of its electricity from renewable resources last year, Scotland is striving to become 100% powered by renewables by 2020. It is now implementing the world's largest planned tidal project.

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"Once they get this 150 tonne turbine into the water, this entire thing will swivel with the tide, four times a day, generating about enough power for 1000 homes." Eddie Scott is overseeing the instalment of turbines 100 feet underwater for Simec Atlantis Energy, the leaders of Scotland's MeyGen project to develop tidal power. Unlike wind turbines, these generators will capture energy from the regular tidal currents off Scotland's coast. "That's the real advantage of tidal energy: it's very, very predictable", says Eddie. An EU-subsidised project will test the MeyGen turbines, but Brexit could stall the process. However, the SAE is determined to persevere. "When it's fully done you're talking more than a quarter of a million homes that can benefit from the power that's generated", says SAE's CEO Tim Cornelius.

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