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The US and Chinese governments are currently in negotiations to resolve the US-China trade dispute. Western nations are meanwhile hoping a resolution could lead to easier access to the lucrative Chinese consumer market, which has largely remained out of reach. Germany's influential BDI industry association has now called on the European Union to adopt a tougher policy towards China on this issue. They accuse the burgeoning economic super power of using unscrupulous tatics to increase its econimic might and warn that Germany and the West must do more if they don't want to lose their competitive edge on world markets.

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Green Earth
Make life harder for German car companies in China, save some rooms for Asian Manufactures, such as Hyandai, Nissan they bashed so much, Asian markets must help Asian manufacturers, the fact is no one else will that is why right now The West has upper hand in almost everything.
steve crawford
Wow, look at all these Chinese trolls commenting... they must be very afraid, China is going to crash and burn soon, Civil War is coming to China and your fantasy of world domination will end in tens of millions dying within the next decade. China has a Civil War every 40 years you’re long overdue baby...
U-ray Saimon
Europeans and Americans are so funny. They want to others to buy their products and not the other way around.
China unserored (Recommand wacthing the channel's videos.)
Gong Kim
China is buried with $34 trillion in personal and corporate debt and they are not transparent with accounting. There are 50 million empty homes which amounts to about $5 trillion dollar in debt. When bubble burst in China, more than half of their population will lose job and no one will be able to help them. You can't even short stocks in Chinese stock market because shorting is illegal. US Great Recession is 1/10 of its size what is waiting for China. Not even IMF can help them.
Hikers Journal
The CCP must be terrified about losing Germany. I think
there may be a heavier concentration of “50 cent army” comments on here than anywhere
I’ve seen so far. And that’s saying something!
Stock Bot
Get rid of Merkel. She is a traitor to her own people.
LOL I see these Europeans haven't changed a bit from their imperialist grandfather days, EU is a sinking ship. UK is leaving, Macron France the EU champion is on the brink of falling to nationalist populism, and lets not forget the Holy Mother Merkel stepping down soon, so what country and leader is there to support this failed economic experiment called EU?

Individually Germany is NOTHING to China, the CCP membership outnumbers the entire German population. you are smaller than many Chinese provinces, so let's not kick a tiger when they are fighting with the lion, because they can turn around and break your chicken neck pretending to be an eagle.
Is Germany going crazy like trump?
Daniel Wyvern
Lot of Chinese bots in the comments. Probably pays better than their slave wage jobs.
Gusti Chokorde
airbus, daimler, etc, also subsidized by german government.
Lee Wie
These so called business leaders must have been sleeping all this while so now trying to take advantage of the situation China is experiencing. Germans i believe are not that kind of people who i believe speak their minds when they feel something is not right. This are good lessons for all Asian African Middle Eastern n Latin American or 3rd world countries doing businesses with them. Ya bite the hands that feed you.
In all honesty would any company stay on and operate in China or elsewhere stay on and invest in that country if they feel they are going nowhere. No right? Not to say Germans least amongst all. I wonder why VW M. Benz Audi GM etc etc. n others remain in China for so long or is it they have tons of money to lose or is it they must have the upper hand on all sectors of business dealings. Can these work the other way round for China. Would it be acceptable for these western countries.
German wants to play games, there are many countries willing to fill in the blank. Everybody want to do business with 1.4 billion people.
Kevin Mas
The collapse of the communist China is coming soon 😱😨
Henric Pelegric
EU has weak leadership , not like trump leadership . good luck expecting a response
cheryl taylor
German Industrial Leaders = US Poodles
Dear Father
I thought Germans are smart, damn I was so wrong...
Little Wing Jhendrix
The west kept accusing China of not setting a level playing field in their business practices.
Of course, China has to do that because China is still a developing country as it's per capita GDP, whether PPP or nominal, is still in the developing country classification. And WTO rules allows developing countries to have policies to protect their local industries. Allowing a non-level playing field is just like giving handicaps to golf palyers with lower skill level The handicap level is adjusted accordingly as the player's skill improves or regress.
2ndly, a lot in the western media likes to keep exaggerating China's economic size(2nd largest tens of triliions, largest exporter, trading nation bla bla bla) to report their bias view to justify economic action against China, but deliberately omit to mention China's huge population (1.4 billion mouths to feed and provided with basic necessities). There's still a lot of poverty (100s of millions) in rural China. Don't just judge by looking at the gleaming skyscrapers in the big coastal cities.
BDI will be sadly mistaken if they think can they can take the opportunity to extract concession from China due its slowing economy. They will be punished seveerly long term if they do that. They may get a little initial gain.
BDI, also pls stop politicising the matter by mentioning and demonising the Communist party. Its every government's job to watch over and control a nation's economy, ideology of ruling party is immaterial. I suggest you limit your comments to industrail and business subject matter. You only discredit yourself and what you have to say by doing this.
Jason li
Germans know how to make first-rate products and know how to trade successfully.
Bmk Bmk
That also goes for Irish beef.... French wine.... Italy will be the next to grandparents were from Ireland,but the way the Irish prime minister handled himself turning the knife into our's all in the Title .....The united kingdom of GREAT BRITAIN .......we had the largest empire the world has ever the 85% of the world population are queing up to trade with us.......ask yourself this Frau Merkel,who was BMW largest export market .......GREAT BRITAIN....WAS?
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Crisis in Dubai? - VisualPolitik EN German industry leaders push 2 days ago   13:13

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