Ukraine War: 18+ RAW Civilians Bombed 10 MOST BRUTAL MURDERS CAUGHT 3 months ago   12:07

Ukraine War Awareness
July 18, 2014, Residential Area shelled by Ukrainian Armed Forces, killing only Civilians during UAF's ATO. Nobody was arrested for war crimes. RELATED TRANSLATED VIDS BELOW:
- Chronicles: May-June 2014 Compilation of Airstrikes, Shelling, and Shootouts. Footage & Aftermath:

- DPR Soldiers talk / share experiences and thoughts:
- Shrapnel Shell During Minsk Ceasefire Aftermath:
- RAW Battle of Marinka from DPR side:
- DPR Fighter from Texas on site aftermath Telmanove shelling, 6yo dead:

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charlie fruirtbat
People need to see wat modern weapons do to the human body
Might shake some sense into us
Who actually wants this hit happening?
How can things like this happen in today's age ??? Are when really that blind?
BoZ TürK
Fuck Rusia 🤬
Kutyámajom *
Faszkalap gyilkosok
Mason Will
this is wrong, this is not right, this is wrong
Ukraine War Awareness
I see A LOT of comments blaming Russia for this. Step out of delusion and read the title. UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces) shelled this city. People in the video are complaining about Poroshenko (The president of Ukraine) as the cause of this. Please refer me to anywhere putting any blame on Russia, Separatists, Putin, or Zakharchenko. Especially since I have translated dozens of such video's with similar actions by the same perpetrators. This is a PRIMARY SOURCE, not a Media source where they twist the truth. This is meant to spread awareness, and sometimes people can't handle the truth.
Snail Ramite
Its weird im om this side of youtube man, humams are pretty fucked up..💔😷.
Russians, the greatest criminals in history
Henry Ochieng
This world belongs to Lions, Giraffes and Buffalo's. Human beings do not deserve to live, its time to call it quits.
Crude weapons! how can we do this to eachother
Humans need to figure shit out
Данилов Дмитрий
Stop the war! Let speak! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Schuyler
this needs to be brought up with the U.N. or inerpoul the world needs to know
fu bu
War is a politician's game.
Russian Standard
Dont even say its Russias fault. Fuck Ukraine and USA with Europe
Tsipadidau95 Games
I hope this gets removed from youtube, I am 13 years old and watching videos like these
Can someone tell me why the war is happening? Can you private message me? Thanks
I am from Iraq. I do not understand what is going on in Ukraine, who is bombing civilians and who believes in someone who understands me

Я з Іраку, не розумію, що відбувається в Україні, хто бомбардує мирного населення і хто вірить в того, хто мене розуміє
Kool Aid
7 Billion people in this world, let some of 'em die
I say good riddance & snowflakes who feel sympathy & shit should off themselves too
Kool Aid
"Poor girls you were dolls"
Ya right sex dolls you mean. Dressed like sluts nice to see them lying in a ditch whores!
Mi Srbi ovako ubijamo šiptare
And the rest of the world dare say Americans are war mongerers?? Look at yourselves 1st! You kill your own people in the streets!
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10 MOST BRUTAL MURDERS CAUGHT Ukraine War: 18+ RAW Civilians Bombed 3 months ago   06:47


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