In Ukraine's Donbas region, war rumbles FRANCE 24 Live – International Breaking 1 day ago   05:42

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Last month, a naval incident saw Russia shoot openly at Ukrainian military personnel for the first time and seize 24 Ukrainian sailors. Ukraine, in response, has declared martial law in ten regions, made good on promises to create an independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and ended a treaty of friendship with Russia that was still in force. Little noticed by the world, war rumbles on in the eastern Donbas region, occupied by Russian-backed forces. FRANCE 24's Gulliver Cragg reports.
A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett and Gaëlle Essoo.

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Alison Hilll
Funny how the rich all ways profit from war ?
C1 Official #0121
Its like the western media forgot about this war
Krzysztof Cz
F.. K upa and bandera
Saddam Hussein
Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦🇫🇮
anyone else get a DayZ vibe?
Brandon Callahan
Ah, nice to see that this war is carrying on in the comments too.
BabushKa Bob
BabushKa Bob
Do some BEARS and Cheekis need their cheeks divided?
Keir Holman
Hello Russian troll army
Illya kuznetsov
If Russians were invading Ukraine, Ukraine would stop existing in the matter of days.
Samuel Mason
Dont worry, soon Uk soldiers will seize the power station.

wow the world is in shitville, HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Samuel Mason
putin wants the docks, putin wants the mediterranean....

putin wants to not lose 30% combat forces to terrorists in afghanistan.

guess you cant get what you want.
ProGamer Ro
1.8 Milion Russians Living in Crimea
250.000 Cossacks Living there too...

I had already proved my point.
🇮🇪 Ireland supports Russia 🇷🇺. May Russia crush NATO and all the American puppet countries and may it gain glory. Death to NATO, EU and America
A King
Maybe Obama can pay her power bill
Hey Ukraine ! We want our lands back - Romania :)
There’s a war still going on there?
1099 Deus Vult
Ukraine is a failed state.
Communist Central
Down with Ukraine
Sow your map of Serbia.
Immediately knew you lie...
Kosovo is Serbia.
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FRANCE 24 Live – International Breaking In Ukraine's Donbas region, war rumbles 1 day ago   00:00

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