Africa's Cowboy Capitalists (Full Meathooked & End of Water (VICE on HBO: 1 day ago   37:37

For maverick entrepreneur Ian Cox, Africa is the last frontier of free enterprise. The former small-time hustler has been busting his ass on the continent for years, selling and moving merchandise. In 2012 he nabbed a lucrative United Nations contract to transport equipment from South Africa to South Sudan, a country on many countries' embargo list. The other problem: the journey north entails passing through countless checkpoints and dealing with bribe-happy officials and their nonsensical paperwork and regulations.

Photographer and filmmaker Tim Freccia followed around Ian and the guys he hired for this job. "Cowboy Capitalists" documents their attempts to navigate the continent's dangerous roads and bureaucratic chaos.

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Taka Yama
"Africa's the last wild west," sucks on a coffin nail...
America's trip into the Wild West was an aberration and was corrected when Whites accumulated sufficient assets to establish civilization and civilized behavior.
Black Africa has NEVER been civilized so, to expect the same evolution that begot the heroic lore of the American West is a pipe dream. There will be no story of the African Negro who left the civilized East and headed West, bringing his sense of civilization and skills with him. Or the story of the African Negro who fell from social standing and headed West to become a fabled outlaw.

These contractors are foreign mercenaries and protected by OUTSIDE PARTIES so, there is no Cowboy Capitalism here that would eventually bring Africa into the 20th century. There is only predatory capitalist looting, being looted by the locals, and an ugly story of survival with no redeeming moral to uphold.
Raprot Gaming2
The guy in the thumbnail looks like ShooterWilliamson.
Cowboy cunts, the same sort of cunts who have been part of the rape of Africa
The entrepreneur didnt do shit....the truck drivers did all the work lol...
Josh Benes
Why the censorship tho?
I watched three minutes , was this documentary before VICE went P.C. PUSSY or not ? Let me know whether I should watch the rest ok ?
This Ray guy looks like a smaller version of Steven Adams 😂😂😂
Rombout Versluijs
That driver they got from the States must have had some experience before of Africa. How would he now what to do and how to handle stuff there? hahaha so they went from bribing cops to swindling banana brokers! What a phrase hahaha
M Kijiji
this guy has some huge balls wow lol
Wow I hate all of these pieces of trash

Edit: I mean almost everyone in the doc
Rabid Jackal
36:15 "I've got a real burden"... Wow, an exploitation documentary featuring colonial tropes, "wild west, virgin territory"? The contracting for the UN versus the commercial relations between the Sub-Sharan African nations and their western backers would add some much needed context here.
mjomba kidevu
What? They sold that junk to the UN?!!....yeah, jihadi cowbow capitalists!
Donatien Bazinet
"Starving --children-- trucks in Africa could have eaten those bananas"
nashville slim
You thought you could trick them with a fake accent?
cebo vezi
the natives speak english. why the accent?
Can someone explain why hes speaking in an accent to the locals? I don't see how that'd make it easier for him to be understood.
Mr G
it's not capitalism if it's run by government forces like the UN.
Justin Crediblename
bush created aparthied. 2:50 . Are we going to get hysterical this time around? no? because it's religions and not races? does it really matter either way?
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Meathooked & End of Water (VICE on HBO: Africa's Cowboy Capitalists (Full 1 day ago   29:08

The world is addicted to meat: In developing countries around the world, diets are starting to look more like ours, incorporating more and more beef and pork. Massive factory farms are springing up to supply that demand. But industrial meat operations produce more than just cheap T-bones; they also dish out enormous environmental harm. VICE travels to the feedlots, farms and slaughterhouses where our meat is made, to see the true costs of our burger habit.

Water is the single most vital resource we have -- but it's also one of the most threatened. Around the world, from the American West to China, South Asia and the Middle East, the water we need is simply disappearing. VICE reports from California's once-abundant farmland and the heart of São Paulo's reservoir system to assess the depths of the crisis, and what can be done to reverse it.

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