How salmonella-tainted food gets in your Why the UK Desperately Wants This Rock 1 day ago   05:29

The USDA knows it’s there.

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Salmonella is the most common food-borne illness in the US. More than a million people get sick from it every year and nearly 400 people die as a result. That’s because food safety regulators allow producers to sell products containing the bacteria and won’t issue a recall until after people get sick.

Watch the video above to learn why salmonella outbreaks are still a regular, dangerous occurrence. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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trench lim
Never wash poultry?? Why?
That Vegan Hippie
Wow its almost like were not supposed to eat meat.
justin Indian
I'm vegetarian 😁😎
Gippuk Fenkoff
most the videos on youtube could be 25 seconds long.
Trenton Jackson
Also why can't i wash my chicken? We in the black community always wash the meats.
Trenton Jackson
who the hell eats there burgers undercooked like that? that center wasn't pink, that was raw.
Kwok Chong Chen
That is why you don't eat your chicken raw.
Mr. Gang Banger
"Vegans dont have his problem.."

ye coz they all dead from the toxic pesticides
A Half Assed Username
1:03 what grown adult capable of cooking does this?
Honey Butter
I think the reason for not washing poultry is to prevent contaminated water from splashing around the kitchen? But an explanation would have been nice
Robert Simoneau
You may recall that this is the leadership that is removing regulations we need to chew on that for a while.
Robert Simoneau
Please remember we do not need regulations ever. You can chew on that for a while.
Random Guy
There is nothing in my fridge
Gustaf Söderling
Gah. Why did I watch this? I'm a vegetarian. 🙄
Thien Truong
Why can't we wash poultry ?
Plastic Rock
American food is actually foul
I was ther was a vox UK or vox Europe, get better detailed stories on this side of the pond
Cenia Candra
I hate meat that not fully cooked.
Its ew
butch oblick
it's always been about money and it always will be... don't trust the system... they are more concerned with their profits... a few sick people will never bother these sickos...
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Why the UK Desperately Wants This Rock How salmonella-tainted food gets in your 1 day ago   05:24

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