Compaq and Hyperion - The First IBM Clones Back when cameras used... 2 days ago   15:27

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Thanks Mr. Murray I really enjoy your videos i learn something every time I watch them..... im not really old enough for the computers you showcase, but my family was a "hand me down" family so I started out playing c64 games in the late 90s. I wish I had saved those old tanks of pc legend.
Shadow Rider
I really enjoy watching your videos. I was born at the tail end of the 80's so I still had the opportunity to have some of them you discuss in my home, including an Apple II at some point. I have a disability known as cerebral palsy. There is not anything I can't tackle, but I always preferred to get in front of a machine just to see if I could learn something new. I now work as a Lead Technician for a furniture company. Would love to see you do a video on the old Altair 8000 or even the 8800 if you haven't already. Really enjoy it, thank you for taking the time to keep the history of these machines alive. I am looking to get into collecting myself, do you have any recommendations on a good starter PC?
Mitsos Tech Tips
David, i think you should start capturing more often videos, i think it will be wayy better
Adam SK/EN
Draut Alain
and another great video from the 8-bit guy, thanks and keep up the good work ;)
Michael Jordan
The oldest one I had was either a Kaypro II or an Osborne I. Some idiot partitioned the 20mb hard drive of the Kaypro II into A-ZZ... and had random programs on each one. The Osborne had dual 5.25 floppies. 64kb, more than we'll ever need!
épinards & caramel
6:39 I love the Fallout feel :D
Alec W
I’m watching this right after watching his first video, from 2007
10:02 i’ve seen that same connector on an Olivetti machine. It’s a huge connector that allows you to split into several parallel data ports. Or at least that’s what i found.
High Path
I have - under the bed somewhere - a Compaq Plasma Screen Portable, it was useful, but for business purposes not ideal on spreadsheets - would be interesting if the mains side works to expand and upgrade with CF hard drive and similar. The first clone I used was the Italian Olivetti M-24 (?)(Well apart from the Dec Rainbow I used elsewhere) a really nice PC, then the company got a Deskpro and eventually hooked it into two lots of software running on a PDP1100 so we could CSV data in and out that I could process into job work- I converted a two week job into a two hour one !
(Unrelated to video) Are you keeping up with the Commodore? Cause the Commodore's keeping up with you! In a world of fun and fantasy, and ever changing views, and computer terminology, Commodore is used! Are you keeping up with the Commodore? Cause the Commodore's keeping up with you! Are you keeping up with the Commodore, cause the Commodore's keeping up with you!
Gerard Kean
So when did compaq start making shitty proprietary desktops?
Wolf Merrik
I have a lovely working Compaq Portable, and this video definitely inspired me to play with it this winter. I never thought to expand upon it, but the Flash Reader is a super smart idea, and a great first step!
Hey, Mikey from Plane Savers and ice pilots needs a mac... check out his episode 19, and see if you can help him out!
Prepare2 qualify
How would I be able to use an Atari 2600 controller on an apple IIe (without the 4play joy port card as those only work well on the Apple II and II+ lines of machines. Could I make my own adapter? The port on the back of the apple IIe is the standerd female 16 pin connector, but so is the port on the Atari joystick, I doubt male to male adapters exist... (As you can probably see, I'm new to this.)
you got a subscribe out of me. Interesting channel.
I play on a microwave!
Person: No u don’t cuz it can’t work... ohhhh.
Guy: XD
Cali Brothers Studios
good job on planit x1 2 3
Quite Lazy
I always thought a Hyperion was a battleship.
Дмитрий Денисюк
Hello David, I'm yours new subscriber, I really like yours videos and it will be cool if You can make review of PS1 classic mini (or original PS1). Thanks!
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Back when cameras used... Compaq and Hyperion - The First IBM Clones 2 days ago   21:35

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In this episode I take a look at the original Sony Mavica and some of the floppy disk cameras that came after it.

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