Lil Xan - TREE SAP (Official Video) XXXTENTACION - I don’t let go (Audio) 1 day ago   03:01

Music video for TREE SAP (Official Video) performed by Lil Xan.
Directed By: Joe Goldberg
Edited By:

Copyright (C) 2018 Xanarchy Music.

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Adrian H. Dragan
Cool with this ! Smotth....n sum aight with banging this all WINTER !
Che alguien me explica por que este chabon es tan bueno haciendo lo q hace?
ايمانويل LbdsUr
Buenísima esa canción 😎🤘🏻🔥 AgUante lil xan
Sufian K
When does it start
Jose Garcia Juarez
Azula Tequila
love the hoe or fuck the hoe it's up to you
Vince Hoffman
To people really likethis fucking garbage? Really? I cant believe this shit gets play. Its weird as fuck that people that are even close to having lyrical value you have to really look for and garbage like this is all people listen too. I do not understand.
Jhonny Rage
Cool bachata vibes!! Love this beat, Diego lyrics has always been trash.
William McDougall
He look like Gothic Ronald McDonald's kid
trash ass song
Klee Klee
My ears must be on their period.
Angel sksaymsjsjshdjshd
Ken Condino
XanarchyGang fan from 🇵🇭
Goiabinha Guxtoza e.e
zanoki pew pew pew
ByAlex VLC
Jenaro Ramos
Why he look like lord farquad 🙏🏽
Lil thirteen
Surprise that Spanish are here first than y’all mdf don’t surprise when Spanish or Chico’s get ya girl too fucking idiots....... ya ain’t ready for us bro for real
Lil thirteen
Everybody saying why Spanish ohhh 98% in this video y’all so fuck dope dammmnnnnn this is YouTube not ya Instagram where u can decide who stays and nooo y’all need to live and leave that shit away
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XXXTENTACION - I don’t let go (Audio) Lil Xan - TREE SAP (Official Video) 1 day ago   02:02

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Official Audio by XXXTENTACION - I don’t let go (Audio) © 2018 Bad Vibes Forever / EMPIRE

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