What we get wrong about affirmative The World War II battle against STDs 2 days ago   09:13

The latest allegation that Harvard discriminates against Asians could kill affirmative action altogether.

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An alleged discrimination case against Harvard has put the affirmative action debate in the spotlight again — this time with Asian Americans being used to make the case against it. But the problem is, the way we talk about race in college admissions hasn’t changed for years…and it’s often wrong.

While we may think of affirmative action as a policy that boosts college applicants of color to help undo the effects of historical discrimination — the Supreme Court has actually narrowed the use of affirmative action over decades of rulings. And now, armed with an allegation that Harvard is using race in college admissions to discriminate against Asian applicants — conservative opponents of affirmative action may put the issue back in the hands of a majority-conservative Supreme Court.

Watch the video above to find out what we get wrong about the debate, and how Asians may fit into the complicated use of affirmative action in US college admissions.

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The lawsuit against Harvard not only forces us to talk about where Asian Americans fit into the affirmative action debate, but also their role in the racial equity debate. Read why on vox.com: http://bit.ly/2C1Bc56
Alex Franco
Look at all the triggered white people who are against wanting to fight historical racism and nepotism
Dominique Ransom
It's fascinating how White Conservatives can see quotas with Education is a problem but not see quotas with Policing and how it has created problems such as fear for communities, high incarceration, destroys families, pushes more poverty, limits job opportunity, abuse towards groups, divides police and civilians, and stunt the potential growth of the next generation for a better future???

No matter how good a police officer tries to be, it’s hard to make the world a better place while working from within an imperfect system.
Mario Rossi
Don't fight racism with more racism but fight racism with equal treatment and equal opportunity. We should help black poor people but at the same time we should help white poor people. The race doesn't matter
David Melgar
The core issue is that even the most nuanced AA program is ultimately a band-aid solution; we need to tackle the massive financial and educational inequities across race, from segregation to home ownership to unfair treatment
frederich jung
Points of contention

1. Claim: we suck at talking about affirmative action.

Leftist not wanting to talk about its flaws and, is not the same as "sucking" at.

2. Claim: at around 3:50, vox makes a claim, that consevatives want to kill a specific function of affirmative action. No citations no links, no no recorded arguments.

Conservatives bad. Then the example they give, is the lawsuit against harvard...from asain americans. What does the fact that asian Americans filed a lawsuit against discrimination have to do with, conservatives. Are they implying that all the asians affected were conservative asains? That this is a conservative Asian movement? I thought conservatives only consisted of white people lol.

3. Claim 3: conservatives want the color blind dream they all dreamed of.

This implies all conservatives are white and racist. Let that sink in for a moment. Literally every single person in the conservative party is white and racist according to vox.

Yes, rational people want a color blind dream, where people are measured based on competence and content of character, not race.

The metrics leftists use fights racisism with racisism.

The reason leftists like the people at vox suck at talking about it, is because leftists see everything through their racist intersectionality lens, and thus cannot conceptualize a better solution.

Besides that, if the determing factor of admission was academic competence alone it would be

**drum roll

Mostly asians, not white. But at the end, you show a homogenous, group of white people.

So are you throwing in quantum theory? Shrodinger Asians. Asian are asians until they become successful, then they are white. And conservatives will allow a mostly asian, whoops just kidding, mostly white people, because intersectionality, somehow.

Vox intellectual weaklings pushing their amateur propaganda never stops being fun to pick apart.

Jesus it's no wonder you guys are failing LOL
Sam FNPlays
We must judge people based on their quality in academics, not their skin. Things like affirmative action don’t help the countries at all, they just divide people.
Dan Beißwenger
How about blind applications. have students apply only by Social Security Number or some kind of serial number. Admit students based on academic scores only. Its Blind and fair.
But inner city schools suck!
Yeah. Fix them. Balls in your court.
I thought these university people are supposed to be smart? If you start to use trivial things like race in discerning who should get into university, instead of skills/intelligence, you won't end up with the best of the best. It's logical... If a certain race is underrepresented there must be a reason. The most obvious solution is that there are just less people of that race around. So reserving seats for that race will work against having the best of the best, because members of that race now only have to compete with each other (their own small pool), instead of the whole big pool. But anyway, this is so simple and trivial, I'm sure all of the Unis that use affirmitive action like that are well aware of what they are doing and they don't care. The politics are more important than having the most capable people.

What I would like people to think about more though is the way we test people in these facilities. One could argue that we don't have the best people in Uni at a given field, but the people that are best at writing tests/exams about those subjects. And doing exams is a very specific skill, where you have to crunch a lot of information into your brain in a short amount of time (often recollecting is enough, understanding is not really necessary). And then write it down as fast as possible under pressure. That might be ok for certain fields like maths... But I don't think it's the correct approach for most subjects. I can't stop thinking about how many Einsteins are working bullshit jobs right now, just because they were not good at writing exams under pressure...
Sherman Ng
Oh gosh... This reminds me of the pain I had to go through when getting rejected from all of the UCs that I applied to. I got 1390 on the SAT (790 in math), but even UC Irvine rejected me. It sucks to be Asian :/
horse stomper
Your visual aid is misleading and clearly one sided
I unsubbed
Asian's don't value education? nonsense. Affirmative action should be reserved for those who are genuinely underprivileged - this should be an objective standard based around economics. Race should no longer be a criteria.
Michael Jacobs
Could you do one on people with disabilities? It's a big problem in terms of employment and education. Schedule A is a poor program, with worthwhile intention but administered poorly.
FlowChange 54tyr
Conservatives might be right but consider this; a society that let's people be as racially isolated as they please could lead to rampant racism, and so basically allowing things to be racially segregated could eventually spawn racism, it's possibly like pointing a gun at someone's head and saying "This isn't immoral, because I haven't pulled the trigger yet." except conservatives are saying "This isn't wrong because it hasn't turned into full blown nazism yet." I wouldn't force affirmative action on universities but maybe give them a tax break for using it. I mean, what conservatives are doing is sort of like putting a lion and a sheep together, and expecting the lion to be perfectly benevolent and not harm the sheep. They might still be right, but food for thought.
Muh evil natzzzii conservatives only want white people to be able to go to school. Why they keep a brotha down.
Alfonso Florio
you fail to consider why admission based on socio-economic grounds are ignored.
Lissie Foxx
Okay but this narrator is so boring I'm sorry
Brian Jin
Fighting racism with racism? Your move China.
vox is anti-white
dang0088 da
YOu can give the black and hispanic a seat but they wont be able to hack it, they will most likely drop out because of the work loads.
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The World War II battle against STDs What we get wrong about affirmative 2 days ago   12:20

Not all of World War II’s battles were public. Venereal disease was a major front in the war.

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Venereal disease has long been an issue for militaries, but during World War II, the problem became bigger and more global. That required unusual tactics and unorthodox strategies to beat syphilis and gonorrhea during the war. In this episode of Vox Almanac, Phil Edwards explores some of the ways the United States military fought this epidemic.

Starting with Bousbir in Casablanca, it’s a tour of the uneasy relationship the military had with prostitution, recreational sex, and the venereal diseases that soldiers contracted. Both in America and around the world, it was a significant problem that resulted in health troubles and days lost on the battlefield.

This piece uses numerous sources, but the most useful resource might be the history found here: https://collections.nlm.nih.gov/catalog/nlm:nlmuid-1278003R-mvset

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