How Did The CIA’s Mistake Almost Lead 9,20pm The McCann case, was there 2 days ago   12:35

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In 2006, American and British intelligence had to work together to thwart a catastrophic terrorist attack known as the Liquid Bomb Plot. But it almost went badly wrong...

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T Love
Youre NEVER SAFE anywhere always be vigilant🔫carry we are first responders
T Love
Usa airstrike .."
Dino Kross
Chertoff is an Israel firster, anti American globalist. Open borders for Israel, diversity will be their strength.
Ahmed_ Ghost
Rashid rauf was my mom's cousin I still remember my aunty and grandad giving that interview on CNN all those yrs ago he didn't do anything wrong at all everyone in my family still believe the same thing the CIA took him when he was in Pakistani custody an there locked him up somewhere and are prob torturing him
David Mcloughlin
We have the best police in the world as Wes seen too week ago in Manchester when the policeman jumped in to save a lady from getting murdered in Manchester well done 👍 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👍👍👍
JMJ✝. This is terrifying. That anyone would ever even think up a plan to blow up a plane (or multiple planes as was the case with 9/11), take so many others with them, including their own wife/wives and child/children... terrifyingly evil.
LivingThe VeganLife
Terrorist Bae- the one with the mesmerizing eyes
Roe Jogan
Their mistake lead to a terrorist attack known as 9/11
Nurazianie Abdullah
Shameful war against humanity.. Last sinful gruesome redemption. This is horrible. Very dangerous. May all be safe.
Adianez Fernandez
Thank you great video 👍🏻
You threaten us, we arrest you, you escape, we hit you in the face with a missile.. *MURICA*
Nathan Devonport
Religion of peace wanting to blow up planes with young children on
The CIA is the most murderous pack of lunatic terrorists on the far.
Christophe Tillery
He's dead lmao in gitmo
Conspiracy Gamer
The only CIA mistake here is that there were no terrorists attack!
Una Nina Nine
😂😂😂 Rashid Rauf, the resurrected Bin Laden.
Martín Alonso González
I love that smile at the end
Guy says your talking about 2000 lives in one night!!!
What about the 3000 people on 9/11 ,,like come on ,,till we figure out WTF happen to them why we worried about anything,,,I just dunno who to trust anymore!!!
Miss Earth Angel
Okay . I was following this Chanel until this . I'm awake and conscious. No time or media lies designed for the asleep sheep.
There is no doubt WHO the true terrorists are..
Terrorist=the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
In other words...GOVERNMENT and BIG CORP....
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9,20pm The McCann case, was there How Did The CIA’s Mistake Almost Lead 2 days ago   33:54

The Armchair detective looks at one minute in the vanishing of Maddie McCann and tells you so much, coincidences are rare that's why you notice them, what if everything in that minute is a coincidence, the metadata points at a new member!

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