Venomous Snakes at the Kentucky Reptile 2018 REPTILE ROOM TOUR- 1 day ago   19:56

Snake Discovery
Today we learn all about the Kentucky Reptile Zoo: The venomous species they keep, their venom extraction processes, how antivenom is made, and more!

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This was a great video! The KRZ lady was really interesting and informative. I hope you guys had a nice visit!
Adela Aparicio
I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lyda Swogger
Love the pokèmon go start up
Aydens puppets productions 2003
Did you know that The King Cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world they can reach as long as 18 / 19 ft long
Matt Ooof idk
Hay guys I know you guys have many types of reptiles I was just wondering have you considered trying out tortoises?
Jody Morris
We're the fulf is this!
Supercell Videos
Pokémon Go?
Axel Garland
Stiletto snake...

King Cobra...

Gaboon Viper...


crystal stone
and which country do you live?
crystal stone
are there purple snakes? P.S I love your channel.🌟。*。💗~😃xXx
🌟。a wonderful day.
Eclypsa Queen
I live in Colorado sooooo..... I OBVIOUSLY live in an area that has antivenom for rattle snakes and I walk around in the tall grass a lot thankfully I have never gotten bit .
Gaming with X-Bow
Going to a zoo and seeing a YouTuber you watch hold a giant cobra
Wait are you from Kentucky? I am too. If you ever need channel art feel free to contact me! I do a lot of free art for growing channels.
I feel like rattle snakes are just adorable there little cheeks
Ah! I live in Kentucky about 2 hours away from the reptile zoo!
Falcons Games
I live in ky
Natalie Ross
I am from Kentucky
Henderson Kentucky to be exact
Moon Mist
I can't believe you were in the state I live and I missed you 😢💜🐍
Scary Haboob
hello can you please help i feed my snake 1 mouse every sunday and i play with him every other day, water him, make sure his cage is clean but he isnt growing ive had him ever sense agust 19 2018. hes gotten slightly larger and longer but im not sure if he should be growing this slow
Sofia Koenig
she's so lucky!!!!!!!!
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2018 REPTILE ROOM TOUR- Venomous Snakes at the Kentucky Reptile 1 day ago   29:08

In Part 1 I introduced you to all of the animals in the "Snake Room", and in Part 2 I show you the reptiles in the rest of our house! Time for the big stuff. Enjoy!

Music by BenSound.

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