Dr Ross Just Has To Take Home Amanda to the Rescue S01E09 | Lava 2 days ago   08:00

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When a customer brings 7 rottweiler pups into the clinic to get vaccinated, Dr Ross falls in love with one of them, and decides to adopt her. He then goes head to head in a puppy training challenge against Dr Blue.

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Lucky puppy
Clara Yoon
Exactly why I’m gonna be a vet
Jason Chau
Aww so cute
Lindsey Jacobs
Can I adopt???????
Man I wish he can train my rottie like that, that fast. My aunt has a rottie to, he is I think 13 years old in human age. But now he's just old lays down eats he may catch the ball if he fells like it but back then when him and I were between 3 and 10 we would play soccer, catch and he would always catch the ball in mid air it was incredible, it's unfortunate that he lost an eye due to eye cancer but he is still alive at 13 or 14 years of age. By the way his name is champ, you could tell why my aunt named him that. Such a good dog.
Crystal S
I used to have a rotty named tank he got put down 3 years ago and I still cry for him
Bless you tank🐶🥰
Charles Rodrigue
Love that dude :)
Happy Gaming!
I know that park. Lol behind those trees is a trail you can walk.
Fredric Rekdal
Our rottweiler costed 2000$ he is the best
Alannys Teruel
Konan was my Rottweiler. Unfortunately he died last year. He was my first dog. He was alive for 12 years.
Oli Jay
nvm im being a vet
Bruce Cain
See that’s why when I move out, screw a girlfriend, I’m gonna get me puppy lol
Salsabil Mazumder
good guy ross
Jenny From The Block
Dr. Ross is a hottie
India Young
Hey hey 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brooke Brown
Tastes like bAnNAnAs
Galaxy Girl
Didn't this guy kill some lady's bird?
Jessie Jaie
My first animals were rot pupps. They were killed by a neighbor gangsta at the time. Oh how I miss them so. 😢
Marybell Tamayo
My cousin has a Rottweiler, and he was cute when he was just a puppy but now he’s grown up, he’s still cute but he’s fiesty.
Oh yeah yeah
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Amanda to the Rescue S01E09 | Lava Dr Ross Just Has To Take Home 2 days ago   43:31

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