Adam Ruins Everything - How Drug The Bizarre Truth About Purebred 2 days ago   02:27

When the US and Mexican governments started cracking down on the drug trade, drug cartels diversified their strategy to make money extorting avocado farmers. #truTV #AdamRuins

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Adam Ruins Everything - How Drug Cartels Got Involved in the Avocado Trade | truTV

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Josue Chapa
Tio Manuel
Christian Cuellar
Am I the only one who thinks the avocado that got bit at the end was just kiwi?
Meh... this is headed into oversimplified and vague - sorry guys, your own fault but I expect better fact checks and info from you guys.
Bryce McKenzie
I never really liked avocado. Now I have an excuse
I don't know why we don't sell American avocados from South Florida. I grew up with an Avocado tree in my back yard, the fruit is much bigger and plentiful too. The same with parents still have both of these trees after 30 years, giving tons of fruit each year, yet at the store I have to get mine over priced, imported avocados from Mexico and mangoes from the Philippines. Why import when we can produce locally? Florida already supplies a lot of produce to the country and has the space and weather for growing it too.
Commander Cody
But I dont like avocados
Mewtoo Plays
It's a avocado
Option 3: I do both, now excuse while I weep for humanity
i dont like avocados
Mark Smith
Mexico has always been a mess. They had the one of the worst generals- once one of them blow a massive blast in the ground not hurting any enemies. Why do they had the debt in the first place.
Charmader Orange
So ready for this new season on Netflix!
Dmitry Godlevsky
Damn, this is very anti American
ralph waldo pickle chips
What about the emu war
Right the cartels had no power before 94, i swear adam ran out of real ideas like a year ago
apple user 184,285,789
Please stop blaming America for other countries problems.
ChaozN order
I chose option two. Bring my my freshly sliced onions!!!
justin castillo
wished adam mentioned this article.
Cristobal Rojas
This is true and is very documented on international press. That is why the cartels started to grow and took over my country, the thing got worst since Calderon started to colaborate with the american government to fight them. I see a lot of americans here who turn defensive with this simple truth. I suppose it is hard to accept that real life is not like a Hollywood movie, America is not the hero and does not help the rest of the world. They just look for their own benefits and tell people they fight for freedom when it is pure and cold buissness.
There was SOOO many flaws with this episode, like portraying the truth about the bacon cancer to colorectal cancer, the one that stuck out was there so called expert from yale... The cartel is buying "MILITARY GRADE WEAPONS" in America due to the laxed gun laws.... Where the hell are they buying it at? Because I want to shop there. Get your facts TruTV. Hell learn some true science from SciShow about the bacon - cancer risks. Try to Truly be neutral instead of pushing your stupid agendas.
Joshua Wells
My brother said if the Cartels ever threatened or stopped the Avocado Trade, he would march down to Mexico and deal with them.
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The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Adam Ruins Everything - How Drug 2 days ago   04:36

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