The Big Bang Theory - Not My Decision (S12E12) The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon and Amy Get Revenge 2 days ago   03:34

Big Bang Theory
Season 12, Episode 12 'The Propagation Proposition'

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Daniel Quintana-Manriquez
I hate penny. Selfish bitch!
Elie Limon
Leonard is bald
Umh Chud
this used to be a funny show about nerd stuff.
I don't want kids so I dont think I would marry anyone who does because I could never do that to someone it's something I can not give to them and that sucks it's not fair no matter how much I love them it's something to talk about before you make that big step and you have to make sure what your saying is what you really really want I don't want kids so if I got married I would need to find a guy who is ok with that
Elizabeth Gutierez
Honestly, I seriously Thought when she went in the back room that she was getting a pregnancy test to show him
Richard Hoffman
Get a grip people. It's a tv show.
Alexa Cannon
They should have talked about having children before they got married.

One of them could end up being miserable for the rest of their life or cheating because the other got their way.
LaBoo T2609
To be fair, I couldn’t trust Zack and his wife to have a surrogate child. The poor thing’d be dead within 2 weeks.
Naomi Wicks
I hope one day I have a relationship like Lenny
Yangyi Liu
It makes perfectly sense, considering what they've done in the S01 E01
What's so sad is that Penny can't see how selfish she's being.
B M***s
daily plus latest movies
This one of the worst sitcom ever I am si relieved that this is coming to end
Areebah Hafeez
Despite the fact i am not in favot of the donation thing
IceMan jr.
This made me wonder what about Penny that Leonard likes other than her looks cause other than that she has nothing going for her as a wife
Jim English
The writers of this show are incredible.
Ben Joseph
Drink every time you hear the a laugh track

Edit: take mg ou hr hopital
Jennifer Webb
This show seems SOOOO unrealistic. How can Leonard be a "genius" but it not occur to him to discuss having children BEFORE GETTING MARRIED!?
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The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon and Amy Get Revenge The Big Bang Theory - Not My Decision (S12E12) 2 days ago   03:18

Season 12, Episode 6 'The Imitation Perturbation'

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