Google Photos -Should You Be Worried Dropbox vs Google Drive 3 weeks ago   05:33

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Join Jayce as he talks about the real risks behind Google Photos!

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Sagheer Ahmed
Don't wanna pay for any premium service, compliant about free services that they use our data
Selva Ganapathi full form is Android Operation
Seth Bell
its in the terms of service what they can and cant do. and i have a lot of nudes and no complaints yet so im happy with google photos
Mohmd Sa'dawi
I don't care , I love this service
Lucky Pandey
my account video
I got my 25000 photos backup in photos from last 7 years
Siddharth Bhandari
i have exposed myself online and in social media like no one else.. and yet none of the ads i see is even remotely relevant to me.. even google doesn't care about me..
budi mega prasetyo
Most amazing is the ability of face detection....can u imagine when security agency has access to this system....
Big Pickle
so i guess they'll be sifting through my thousands and thousands of memes. More power to em.
I have a pixel 2 till date 22 GB high HD things storied
Google can look at my pen15 all they want
I like Samsung Gallery more.
Ava J.
shit i just started using it should i delte it
Munther Alrashidani
facebook is more hacker than Google but we have except that
Aniket Pandharabale
Wow. I am close to Panchgani, India
BoxHead 42
You know, you yourself, should be terrified! If those Thai she-males, that you consort with, some how gets uploaded........jumpin jehoshaphat....what will you do?
Niall Gavigan
this video said absolutely nothing. This guy can read google's TOS. Cheers, that's helpful.
Rajan Singh
I think they already know about me a lot. Why try to hide, when there is nothing to hide. I love being served with right ads.
Dominic Leonard
I know lots about them to and No they can not be trusted.I did my home work on them.
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Dropbox vs Google Drive Google Photos -Should You Be Worried 3 weeks ago   13:29

The ultimate shootout between Dropbox and Google Drive.
Steve takes on the toughest question of all if you only had to choose one which would you choose!
Dropbox -
Google Drive -
Both filesharing systems have exceptional value, are easy to use, and have massive user basis. But there are several significant differences. Steve explores those differences and explains what they mean to you.

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