20-year-old arrested over massive Laughter When Trump Slams 2 days ago   03:29

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A suspect arrested for a mass data breach in Germany has confessed to the police. The 20-year-old male says he committed the crime out of anger towards statements made by the politicians and public figures he targeted. Personal information from roughly 1,000 individuals was published on Twitter before Christmas. Private messages and photos were also made public. Authorities say they learned about the data theft late last week.
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Peter Edy Priyanto
They even released rapists
Samo Gavorto
this guy obviously is just covering up for Putin.
Alexander Smith
Google hacker named Sabu. That is what is happening here again.
At 20, he's a man, not a 'kid'.

Question for DW. No report on the attempted murder of Frank Magnitz?
Cj Herrington
I hope they keep him safe from the leftist
Canadian N Socialist Party
Thank God u dint find me
भारतीय Honcho Child Rapist
Oh, so it's no longer Russian hackers? He's German so it's fine.
Suzy Q
20 years old is a "kid" in Germany? In my country he is an adult Male and would serve time for his illegal activities.
Of course this hacker has to be German.
Germans are most diligent and smartest and systematical.
jithin p m
modern day Robinhood😎😎😎
these stupid liers just lie,lie,lie all the time....think as if people are not thankful
No no no no no no. If the guy is not Russian, let him go. The hack must be seen as Russian. No exceptions.
Dan 240Z
Then they need to apologise to Russia for slander.
Thomas Wallace
He's a hero to all lovers of information we know the news media won't do it
Moses Jonson
so he's turned into an informant
he must have saved dirt.
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Laughter When Trump Slams 20-year-old arrested over massive 2 days ago   09:06

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