NBA 2K19 Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Draft Biggest NBA All-Star Snubs! THEY 1 day ago   20:33

Troydan goes to Playerunknown's Battleground to draft a team #NBA2K19 #PUBG

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Cire Star
Alex The Bassist
Anyone else?

*nBA yOuNgBoY*
Smiffy Playz
Me and my friend tried some dude said Donald trump
Aidan John
Scotty pippon
ryry 36047
Honestly I think Kobe is the best player ever and I bet he can out play half the laker team right now if not all of them
Javier I. Rodriguez
Mario Miller
Brayden Palasty
4:20 omg
je ffy
10:05 I cried 😂😂😭😭
yihao huang
The Pats Fan
Sauce Gods
Danette Biliter
111111111111111111 and 111111111111111
Bryan Moreno
*presses 3
David De La Torre
The guy that said Michael Beasley sounds like Sernando
Jakson Smith
You have to get a flamethrower! 23klikes
Roman Velona
All I do is Wynn
Troy: Can you name one NBA player for me?

Random guy: NBA Youngboy
TRU3_ L40S
1 3
AJ Natividad
Michael Jackson (Jordan)
Steve Jobs (Nash)
Bill Clinton (Walton)
Myghaaad im dying
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Biggest NBA All-Star Snubs! THEY NBA 2K19 Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Draft 1 day ago   15:06

These NBA players were robbed of their All-Star spots

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