Russia vs USA: US provocations as warship Russia Military Capability 2018: 1 day ago   03:47

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US NAVAL commanders have been flexing their muscles in disputed waters in the Sea of the Japan with the deployment of a guided-missile destroyer in what they described as a “freedom of navigation" operation.

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Ameerica qadar
Hoo- Rei
This is how the JewSA learns geography.
Russia's playing a great game of chess.
Has anyone heard what's happening in Cuba? Has Russia set up there yet?
EpicHunter117 Gaming
This was a foolish move made by the US. They are clearly seen as the aggressor here. Its also foolish to send a lone ship near russian water as the kirov could be anywhere in the black sea. It would be like a wolf hunting a fox.
FF Фарид Абави Producer
These shits will be sink
Константин Кобрин
Normal people need trade relationships and the ability to travel. And the Government everywhere puts a stick in the wheel. In each language, when translating speech, the meaning of speech may change, and in each of us. If you do not understand something better ask again to explain in other words. It is also better to go to Ukraine or Russia and see what is really happening there and not what is shown on TV, chat with people live. The main thing is to enjoy life and appreciate those who tell the truth)
Simon SimonS
100 klm away and shadowed by Russian cruiser backed by Russian jet fighters. Yeah, that's show of force.Waiting for US media talking about "Unprofessional" Russian Navy, who wont let "Exceptionals" act tough.
More and more I realise how strong Russia is getting and US has no real answer for it. Other then little provacations, that are treated by Russia like kids misbehaving.
павел дворянчиков
Трусливые янки пукнули в холостую.Прошли в 100 км от территориальных вод России,а вони на весь мир.
Morrigan Ravenchild
International waters isn't it?
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Russia Military Capability 2018: Russia vs USA: US provocations as warship 1 day ago   04:37

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