🇺🇸 CES 2019: Facial recognition The Weirdest Tech of CES 2018 1 day ago   02:36

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Facial recognition technology has made huge progress in recent years.
And those advances are on display at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
The technology is rapidly making its way into everyday life.
But there are growing concerns about how it could be used.
Al Jazeera's Rob Reynolds reports.

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Martin Polovka
Dalsie zbrane selmy, Another beast (NWO) weapons -
Human = Animal
To be honest, those 'security experts' are the ones we all should be wary of
timkbir chico
are we heading towards a sci fi post natural world ? the anthropocene, with all the related disaters of global overpopulation.
Mary M
I'm pretty sure the "System" is already up and running, just more data bytes to be added to it so every soul is identified when it launches. Those that take the mark of the beast are forever damned. Know your Bible people, it foretells what is coming and all the new technology just underscores how close we are to global control.
Mohamed Hassan
This will be used for Racial profiling and other abuses.
Mr Cad
They do realize that this is not a good thing for anyone, right?
kadiru shirazu
thanks to technology
After all this technology where is real happiness, where is humanity? Sorry asians but you will do anything for money, you should be ashamed including those in the west. Oh those who are running these scams, not people in general. Those who use these products should also be ashamed for making these creatures richer. Can you please start using your brains now. Its embarrassing to be so brainwashed and not realizing it.
Wisam Zaqoot
Muhammad Asad Junaid
if you dont like it start wearing burqa.
Boqor radio
I should buy a mask then ! If the cushier knows my name , age and my mood ! Then what's remaining ! Disgusting
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The Weirdest Tech of CES 2018 🇺🇸 CES 2019: Facial recognition 1 day ago   04:38

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