The Best of CES 2019: Only the cream Best of CES 2019: Top Tech Tour! 2 days ago   07:42

Oops, we made a mistake! Impossible Burgers are plant-based, not a lab-grown meat.

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Zhanna Gevorgyan
This is what Yuval Noah Harari talks about in his 21 lessons in the 21st century: The more people are brainwashed the less they think that they can be brainwashed. Meat industry excels in one thing and that is brainwashing its consumers! Behind impossible burger are ethics, health and environment whereas behind meat burgers are fat, animal blood and deforestation of the Amazon rainforest for planting soybeans that is used to feed animals later to be killed for the meat burgers. Impossible won, Logic won!
John Balladear
Plants are living breathing creatures, just declassifying them as mere "vegetation" does not change this fact.
Plants have the following attributes:
They breath, oxygen and carbon dioxide just like animals.
They react to light, water, wind and temperature.
They have a "blood stream".
They react to physical stimulus.
They react to sound.
They have a strong propensity for self preservation.
They have sex and reproduction.
Some plants are meat eaters.
Some plants are killers of other plants or creatures by accident or design.
Some plants use subterfuge to survive.
Plants have adapted to survive in almost every part of the planet.
Rotting plants may give off so called Greenhouse Gases.
Eating vegetation makes Humans FART a lot more.

"Ruminate" on these facts you Vegetarians and Vegans out there.
Paul Quiroz
Can't wait for this plant based meat to go public :)
mark allen
Humans are basically carnivores, there is nothing wrong with meat.
We need more beef 🥩 EAT MORE BEEF!
Water Toast
2:42 that’s all standard in Europe lol.
Mike Chesterfield
so we're going to just ignore the best which was clearly the adjustable weight. Imagine you struggling lift a table, poke it 2 times and now its as light as an iPhone.
abhishek das
I need meat
Spectra Nyte
Lab grown meat substitute. 🤮🤮🤮🤮
I'd like to try that burger.
Richard Servello
Fat Burger currently sells Impossible Burger...I'll have to look out for 2.0.
Richard Servello
So much Dell love...ugh...they are the worst.
Richard Servello
Maybe next year...spend more than 15 seconds on each product....there's no rule you had to keep it under 10 mins. Or at least link the products in the description.
Richard Servello
That's so sad that people are so obsessed with Apple that they are willing to have a 90's thickness phone to get all day My OnePlus 6t is think and light and gets 9.5 hrs of screen time. Like that's actually using the phone...not just standby. I have never plugged it in during the day.
Loki D. Wolf
It's comical to see so much hate for the burger. It really is! :D People trying to find everything negative about it. Yet, fine with what they've been consuming. Forget the health hazards and environment damage. Just don't go messin' with their conditioning.
Teri Laps
Advertisement for fake hamburger. Don’t watch, no tech.
jason wolden
imagine with vehicles that stop on themselves how he is he would be for criminals to block up the road because you're not playing complete attention pull up some kind of weapon out on you and take your stuff.
Vegan Ignorism obviously blinded every other "tech" and you had to pick a burger as best tech. And those VR glasses look awkward literally.
That burger looks disgusting
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Best of CES 2019: Top Tech Tour! The Best of CES 2019: Only the cream 2 days ago   11:47

CES 2019 was incredible. The Biggest Tech show is full of the future including Ping Pong Playing Robots, 8K TVs, Foldable Phones, Laptops, Flexible OLEDs, Cameras and so smart home. Thanks to Omron for sponsoring my journey: More info here:

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At #CES2019 Watch as I play with #FORPHEUS the Ping Pong Playing Robot by @omronautomationamericas, Look at the Amazing #tech LG OLED falls Curved Wall, 8K TVs, Flexible Smartphones, Razer Gaming, Honor View 20, LG OLED R the rollable TV, Ultrawide Monitors and more! Subscribe if you enjoyed the CES 2019 highlights and top tech trends 2019. Best TVs of 2019 coming up next! My favorite was forpheus table tennis robot, watch forpheus vs pro. Forpheus ping pong robot was amazing to play and can't wait to play again with the next version.

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