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The great thing about biomass energy (or simply “bioenergy”) is that its sources are plant and animal waste. So not only does biomass energy divert this organic matter from the waste stream — it turns it into something we all need, without polluting the planet. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, by 2030, the U.S. has the potential to sustainably produce 1 billion tons of bioenergy each year. As far as renewable energy sources go, biomass is not the most glamorous. But, biomass energy successfully solves two major environmental problems at once — an incredible feat if there ever was one!


Renewable Energy 101

Biomass … the original renewable energy. It's been part of our lives since our ancestors learned to control fire. In fact, it's made possible by the sun, whose energy is absorbed by trees and plants through photosynthesis and then released when organic matter is burned or decomposes.

First, there's plant waste. Wood scraps, sawdust and crop waste can be collected from farms or manufacturers. The waste is burned to heat water. The hot water creates steam. The pressure of the steam spins a turbine. The turbine powers a generator. The generator creates electricity. Simple, really!

Next up: animal waste … also known as “the problem of cow poop.” The solution? Waste from farm animals can be collected in a large tank, called a digester, filled with bacteria that eats the waste and converts it to methane gas. The methane is captured and burned to heat water and create steam. Sound familiar? Second verse, same as the first.

This same principle can also be used to capture methane — a potent greenhouse gas with 25 times the heat-trapping ability of carbon dioxide — from landfills. Once a section of the landfill is closed off, pipes are run from the waste to collect the gas, which can then be burned to make electricity or heat. Biomass may not be the prettiest form of renewable energy, and it needs to be used carefully and thoughtfully to protect the ecosystems that prevent greenhouse gas emissions, but it can be a smart way to make use of waste. Power to the poop!

About: Green Mountain Energy is the nation’s longest-serving renewable energy retailer and believes in using wind, sun and water for good. The company was founded in 1997 with the mission to “change the way power is made.” Green Mountain offers consumers and businesses the choice of cleaner electricity products from renewable sources, as well as carbon offsets and sustainable solutions for businesses.

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How about storing energy from Biomass to a battery like a lithium-ion battery or a lithium-sulfur battery or even a battery from Biomass?
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Climate change is normal people. What's not normal is exploiting the stupidity of our current human race. Britain is burning wood pellets instead of coal. In the proses cutting old growth hard woods that clean the air to make these pellets. Biomass and made to sound like a better option then the coal. It's a sales thing. A smart ass came up with this one. Any way I digress. The emissions are told to be less but is actual energy provided is 8 times less then coal. Make this a huge farce. Instead the boats ship this product from Virginia USA to Britain and funnel the revenue win into deal pockets of corny capitalists via business creation, sales and profit bounces. Best of all.... to pay for this conundrum, levies and taxes are charged to the British citizens to cover the extra costs. Haha so unbelievable. You can't make this up! Wake up people. Suport your local fisheries and teach your kids to be good stewards of land and their minds. Teach them to respect them selves and they will respect their environment. Oh and ask the power plant company President if there's a difference in high efficiency coal and biomass carbon emission. I'll let you look that one up so the real people that have brain and convictions to learn for them selfs see the truth. For the rest of you that don't look it up and wake up. Your the issue.
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I'm a student. this actually helped a bit on my worksheet I am doing you should have added what the advantages of biomass are.
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Introduction to Geothermal Energy - Borealis Renewable Energy 101: How Does 4 weeks ago   02:33

Geothermal energy is exploited by mining thermal energy from the earth's crust. It is one of the most promising alternatives to fossil fuels. Pursuing the use of geothermal energy could help satisfy some of the worldwide energy demand and reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a global level.
Having a long history of human usage, geothermal energy profits from existing, dependable technology and a naturally inherited ubiquity. These factors lead to moderate costs and enormous development potential.

This video was made by Borealis GeoPower Inc., which is a member of the Canadian Geothermal Energy Asssociation (CanGEA).

To learn more about geothermal energy, visit and

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