World War 3 Iran threatens to CUT oil OFF to USA in staggering Inside The Weird World of an Islamic 2 days ago   02:28

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IRAN threatened to cut off ALL Gulf oil to the USA today in a SHOCK move that will infuriate Donald Trump and potentially spark war moves between the two nations.

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Kay Bass
Trump and Putin have/ will have a handshake agreement that they will not fight war, one against the other, and nobody else can turn aside their handshake peace accord. In harmony with their agreement; Mr Trump will loosen his alliance with the EU; and he already has; while Mr Putin will also loosen his alliance with Iran, in reciprocation. This opens the door to war for both of them. That's why Scriptural prophecy shows a war between Russia and the EU occurring at a time of a banking systems meltdown and the loss of the Euro currency. This effectively bankrupts 25 countries and minor municipalities all at the same time; so their military forces are all on their backs together. Ezekiel 7: 19-22.

Also, the war between the US, allies and Iran appears with the crushing of Iran economically, followed by the destruction of Iran's nuclear assets. The pilots refuel in Saudi Arabia on their way back. This is the reason why the Middle East is bombed; and Iran is bombed, and these Scriptures are available to anybody who asks me, for example Daniel 8: 20, 23-25 a prophecy about [Media, Persia] Iraq and Iran at 'the time of the end', as outlined there. Here we see the US and allies described in their activities by Daniel. Notice the war with the US and Iraq has already occurred.

When the bombing of the Middle East occurs, the politicians might as well destroy the financial system with a wracking ball, because this is the result of their missiles deployment. 2Peter 3: 10 That is why the wars that have already appeared, along with considerable build-up destroy the present fiat currency system, and this system is no longer sustainable. It is over. That is why the God of prophecy explains what happens, why, and when, and what He is doing to perform the biggest rescue of mankind by God that this planet will ever see. Revelation 7: 9, 14 Rev 11: 15, 18.

A Great Leader has been appointed to lead faithful mankind into the Kingdom of God. It is someone we know by reputation. It is Christ Jesus the King Revelation 12: 10. Christ will destroy the wicked Revelation 19: 11, 19-21, in addition to fighting for and rescuing all those persons of faith He has already died for.John 3: 16. YOU CAN SURVIVE. Psalms 37: 10, 11, 29 THIS planet is to be redeveloped and cleansed into a Paradise that we will create together. Luke 23: 43. Yes, indeed, Trump and Putin have a friendship, and they make a peace agreement between themselves. But even though the US and Russia will not fight war one against the other, this does not save the fiat currency system from complete destruction and wars. This handshake agreement between Trump and Putin opens the door to the Great tribulation. Matthew 24: 21, 22.
Michael Howell
Works for me! We can close the Gulf and stop Iran from exporting ANY oil at all! U S can survive, can Iran?
Marc Kurtz
You will never be strong enough to do so. You can’t even stop Israel. Shut up and deal with it before you get dealt and we destroy all of your oil and then you will truly live in the 4th century like you want.
Terrell Mcqueen
So ww3 is because of oil and natural gas and water ports interesting to see how many die from this sadly the world leaders won't be on the front line to fight but will be somewhere safe and sound while we the people fight for there personal agenda sad
Colin Tan
Trumpeter is cutting off Iran oil to the World. Since Iran occupies the neck of the Persian Gulf at Hormuz, it too can cut off all Gulf oils
True Blue Bandit
Iran has one navy ship now so good luck
The US does not buy Iranian oil
China does .
The US no longer needs Oil from the gulf.
So China can move their cartoon harbor freight garbage navy to the gulf and blast the Iranian Navy while we sit back and watch.
Farid Aryan
Iran is the only country which can stop the growth of trash on earth due to its powerful culture and history.
Please, Iran ain't that stupid. Trump will not tolerate such a move from any country. Iran ain't closing sh%t!
Through your prayers , the light of God will come to you.
May God bless Iran .
May God bless, protect, and guide the leaders of Iran.
Ali Yılmaz
Ruhanî sen kürtleri kazan o sorun çözülür yanlış erkek erkek olmaz sapkınlık bunu anlayacaklar suç amerika nın kürtler ne yapsın saddam zulümü esad zulüm türkiye zulüm iran zulümü en az iran zulüm yapıyor amerika nın kucağına düştü mecbur bu hale geldi
Ali Yılmaz
Ruhanî bu savaşın lideri sensin çünkü diğerleri sikinin peşinde
Jordan Kahele
dude continue with your export you have customers waiting surely you guys can work it out.
Blitz None
Screw the Islamic state of Iran.
Roger didit
Cut it off. We NEED AN EXCUSE to attack Iran. Cut off the oil, and we can destroy their power stations, water treatment, air strips. It's a WONDERFUL IDEA.
Tomas d
This is exactly what we did to Japan during World War II and that got us in the war with the following pearl harbor attack
So what did you expect??? False Flag anytime time now in Strait Of Hormuz....
Esa Shaik
Let's be clear, it is the US not Iran that is isolated .
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Inside The Weird World of an Islamic World War 3 Iran threatens to CUT oil OFF to USA in staggering 2 days ago   19:09

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