Hippie Wife, Hippie Life. When Boba Fett Wants 2 days ago   07:23

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If you have a hippie wife, you're going to have a hippie life. If thats the case, watch "The Flamingo Special" by Johnny Beehner only at http://www.drybarcomedy.com/johnny

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Kostume King
...Tales of a basic white dude. Thank your wife for holistically upgrading you.
Skep Kim
He sounds very happy.
Don Taylor
I was a pot-smoking college student in 1967 so I can report directly from when hippies actually existed. You'd be surprised how many hippies would have loved these jokes. Our favorite comics were The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and the ones drawn by R. Crumb, which made merciless fun of hippies all the time. There was a lot to laugh at in the lifestyle and we knew it.
SheAnatural B.
Hilariously good comedy!
OneQuickie plz
Not going to lie. I use to light the wrappers on fire to destroy the evidence lol
Monisola Elliott
She saved your life..have you ever gotten Irish Spring in your eyes!?
Heddy Wood
Why yes I have cut myself on hippie soap. Nice and exfoliating
Rob Xx
Thats gold Jerry Gold!!!
Heidi Strauss
this is sooo therapeutic!!
Joy C
As a hippie, this made me feel extra magical. Also, hopeful that I will find love. Lol
Craig Hanson
What, a hippy dippy using disposable diapers? ? ? Hypocrisy.
Really funny relatable material.
Intuitiv Designs
He is very funny, but it's disturbing how loudly the audience screamed for animal abuse...
Phenomenal Woman
Lol this kind of hell ... only a person in love will put themselves thru.
Jen Tuesday
Irish spring doesn’t say soap on the side btw. They’re not legally allowed to label it as such because it’s not technically soap. Notice how most the bar “soaps” most people buy say either “body bar” or “bath bar” of “ cleansing bar ” or something.
hahaha this guy rocks
Yep she sounds like a idiot. You can tell she is a real idiot if she voted for Hillary. Those are the retarded ones.
The audience is extremely generous
C. Means
Ok, so I make soap and I make bread at home. Yes, I have suffered a scratch or two from my soaps containing natural ingredients. I was going to post a few choice words but I could not because I was laughing so hard. Also, I did not know I was a hippie, I thought I just wanted to live a long and healthy life. I also practice Yoga. Does that make me a double hippie?
R.S. Dorian
"Gypsy" is a slur, and he uses it as a slur.
James Jimenez
This guy looks like Tony Kukoc...
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When Boba Fett Wants Hippie Wife, Hippie Life. 2 days ago   07:43

You never want to cross a bounty hunter, especially if he wants his money. Watch Humblebragger by Steve Mazan only at http://www.drybarcomedy.com/stevem

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