Building a "Lego" NES Mini Console LGR - Using a Floppy Disk Drive 1 day ago   13:53

Assembling a Nintendo Entertainment System-style model from Retro Power! It's a kit built with a Raspberry Pi in mind, so you can have the fun of making a Lego model while also getting a functional case.

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Got a bunch of requests for an unedited, full-length video of the build. So here ya go:
There is no commentary and I didn't have a proper mic plugged in so the audio is kinda meh. Oh well, enjoy!
Colt Harner
You should build the SNES and Sega Genesis cases too, they're also by Retro Power!
Building a lego...
João Luchezzi
man, i don't know if you do have a copy of it there or even if you ever heard about it anywhere but i'd totally watch a video of you playing trough the creature crunch game. It's damn fun, and I think it would be fun to see you playing through it.
You remember that one game "Fate" from the mid 2000s? Do a video on it
Taggart Olson
I don't want to alert the internet police or anyth- but those are legos my dude.
The Shadowman
Now you're playing with power
GearCheck 101
Open the controllers and glue pinewood Derby car weights in them.
awesome models
You and jangbricks your voices are exactly the same i am not joking !!!
Haha nice
Alexis Gonzalez
6:55 **+ SLATT +** /^die LIT**
Need a restore video of your wood table. :)
Florian Carl
I would like to buy but it is unfortunately not available in Germany :( and I find the instructions synonymous not on the Internet
Looks fun
Pika Pika!
Lego, NES, Raspberry Pi.

I'm a fucking guy who posts with a Pikachu avatar and even I think this is cripplingly manchildish. Cut the soy and drink some prote-no, just straight up shoot testosterone into your veins. And take some weightlifting advice from Spongebob, you don't wanna start with anything too heavy.
Brock Samson
The gap in the tray irks me just a tad but still an awesome build.
LEGO Online Games
Is real????
Muki EX
I know you hear this a lot, but DAMN is that opening greeting soothing.
Cute... I guess if I was doing it, I would want everything wired in the right places.... Thx for showing...
I have star trek Catan that I'm selling
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LGR - Using a Floppy Disk Drive Building a "Lego" NES Mini Console 1 day ago   12:33

Using a 3.5" diskette drive on a modern smart device is oddly straightforward (and enjoyable!) with the right components. Let's set up an Android device to play MS-DOS games from a floppy drive!

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