Serbian War Veterans Operating in Crimea: Tracking Down Serbia's Danube 2 days ago   10:25

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As Russians stream into Crimea to help wrestle it away from Ukraine, an unlikely group of Serbian war veterans, who have experience fighting in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo, are turning up at the checkpoints too. VICE News reporter Simon Ostrovsky follows Russian troops as they continue their occupation of Ukrainian military bases, and learns about unidentified men in masks attacking journalists reporting on the situation in the peninsula.

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If only my daddy {Adolf} had won his war.
John Doe
Serbs starting sht' again.
Incorrect translations by Vice: What Zivkovic said at 1:52 is "..that they (people living in Crimea) do not fall influence to the lies of US and EU who advise them that they will be better off if they fight amongst each other.
Alladeen Madafaker
Not sure if Serbs or Turks,they somehow look the same,the ottoman empire would be proud if they could see them
Jiggy Freshman
Ed The Hunter
Look how ugly they are.tell me chetnik is your grandad maybe Turkish soldier?
J Petrović
This guy Simon is a real piece of work. What a dickhead.
Alaric von Gunnicus K
And it’s not occupation of Crimea it’s liberating from pronazzi war criminals in Ukraine
Alaric von Gunnicus K
Where’s nazis Serbs will fight them to help our Russian brothers n sisters
Ninterva Gaming
Eastern Europe is a shithole
Maisara Mualil
Good and right action Russia dont let AMERICA get inside. We know once America NATO involve Civilian will die lot of evidences already knownn to the public.
Sun Tzu
2:11, he's saying "skull" not "school".
Marko Janjos
Nasa braca ce zapamtiti kako su srbi pomogli a ovaj reporter jebem ga da ga jebem sad ispada da su rusi kao sto smo mi bili toko devedesetih za te zlocine i picke materine NEDAJTE SE BRACO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ljuti Krajisnici '86
KOSOVO REPUBLIK🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇧🇦🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷
Ljuti Krajisnici '86
Car lazar, jel to onaj koji je ostao bez glave🤣🤣🤣🤣 majku vam jebem imali ste oniliku silu JNA i i pomoc sa svih strana i ipak ste izgubili rat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 steta sto vas ustase nisu iskorjenuli u jasenovcu...veliki promasaj...zivjeo jasenovac ✌✌✌✌🤣🤣🤣🇧🇦🇦🇱🇭🇷🇽🇰
Jebo sliku svoju četničku
Those people are war criminals... Look up Srebrenica, Ovčara, Vukovar etc.

Viječna slava Hrvatskim Braniteljima!
Православље Maxboy50
Amazing! Serbia and Russia are friends forever! Vice can go to hell! 2:21 shows that Jesus trampled death.
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Tracking Down Serbia's Danube Serbian War Veterans Operating in Crimea: 2 days ago   25:24

VICE Serbia explores how pirates, mostly through deals made with international boat crews, illegally load off oil, ores or fertilizers that they later sell on black market. Such activities are often followed with great risks and violence between rival gangs is quite common.

The Danube flow through Serbia is 600 kilometers long and a lot of international transport goes along the river. Serbia has been blacklisted by a number of international companies because of illegal river trade or, more commonly said, piracy.

The Real-Life Nightcrawler of Toronto:

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