Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez DESTROYS Sean Real Time with Bill 1 day ago   09:15

The Damage Report
AOC is making conservatives pull their hair out. John Iadarola breaks it down on The Damage Report. Watch The Damage Report on YouTubeTV NOW:

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Adrian Burgariu
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez a communist laughing stupid IDIOT like Nancy Pelosi Oprah Winfrey Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi Dianne Feinstein Ruth Bader Ginsburg another Jewish communist BITCH Hillary Rodham too.NOTORIOUS CRIMINALS AND LAW OFFENDERS.
Adrian Burgariu
Edwin thanks
Adrian Burgariu
Yoster Schnauss you are too stupid,idiot communist
Adrian Burgariu
You are an idiot
Chander Nathani
Rich must be taxed at 70% as they HARDLY WORK
"On when the cracks in inequality began to show: "I trace the inequality to a particular set of decisions that we took when we lowered the tax rate from 91% down to very low levels at the top, where we stripped away regulations. So the result of that was not a more dynamic economy, but a more unequal society. We tried the experiment of trickle-down. A third of a century later, we can say fairly definitively that it was a failure.""
Adrian Burgariu
We don't need you.
Adrian Burgariu
Are you a communist jew?
Adrian Burgariu
Stupid communist
Adrian Burgariu
Michael Havertape
Adrian Burgariu
Michael Haverstape
Adrian Burgariu
Michael Werstape you are a communist as stupid as CHUCK Schumer Dianne Feinstein Nancy Pelosi and others.
Paul Kasper
Please enlighten me how 70% tax on the rich( Covet much ) isn’t robbery ?
Dennis Pennington
What does Communism have to do with it? Many of you need to think long and hard on that question. It's not 1050 any longer and your bible and your preachers have nothing to do with it.
Adrian Burgariu
You look for a miss spelled word while you miss the whole point.Stupid.Communist mentioning TRUMP University.You think you are smart as long you smear President DONALD J TRUMP and Republicans and conservative Americans, you are a communist idiot,you went to Jewish communist activists school.Far left?Or Jewish communist Party RATS NOT DEMOCRATS
Yoster Schnauss
Too bad David Koch didn't appreciate the extra chance he was given when he was almost killed in a plane crash, and didn't help another single person get out, by the way. What an asshole.

People really have no idea how unfathomably rich rich people are. Greedy fuckers.
M.J. de Bruin
I say Lets just kill the rich Basterds and their money hungry whores, like the Bible says we have to😁
Adrian Burgariu
Higher taxes every year higher than the inflation and our pay raises putting us in poverty.Jews don't pay taxes they collect taxes.They invented communism and taxes and loopholes for them not to pay taxes.That's why they are billionaires and we are penniless in debth from birth until debth.Rockafeller, Rothchild, George Schwartz SOROS ,J.P.Morgan making sure of that.Owners of the Federal reserve bank. Keeping even the government in debth ,borrowing money from the Federal reserve bank that they own.
Adrian Burgariu
Communism is good for Jews who steal our wealth,taxation, taxation ,taxation, conversion of our assets into Jewish communists pockets.
Adrian Burgariu
When we allow communists socialists Marxists like Obama born in Kenya, should be in jail by now,to terrorize us ,bitches like Nancy Pelosi Oprah Winfrey Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi Dianne Feinstein Ruth Bader Ginsburg and push for gun control and sit back and do nothing this scambags like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez a communist mentally hypnotized by SATANIC EVIL Jews and British masons communist terrorists NAZIS revolutionaries SATANIC EVIL hooligans destroying our democracy rights and decency it is our fault.That's why we Americans that believe in our country democracy rights and decency shall support our President DONALD J TRUMP a President who cares for us dicent Americans. Americans please Vote REPUBLICAN if you want to be free.
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Real Time with Bill Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez DESTROYS Sean 1 day ago   11:47

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