GameStop Is On The Brink Of Being Sold, Here's Why A Refurbished Gamestop Xbox 1 day ago   09:48

GameStop is about to be sold but I don't think the company can be saved. Let's discuss

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NicK Se7eN
I was quick to jump on the digital bandwagon I hated going into GameStop. Had to go in tell them what I want listen to them harass me about buying their bullshit that I don't want or buying a dumb card that I don't want or that magazine.. and I hated standing outside for those dumb releases listening to all those dumb people's stories.. and hype.. now I can peacefully and quietly buy my game without being bothered
Chris Wilson
Maybe smaller stores with really niche locations. Maybe 1 or 2 top per state.
Second hand gaming shops are pretty much fucked. In Britain we had (in the north of England anyway) grainier games and it’s gone now all we have is cex change and dodgy second hand shops that buy stolen bikes and phones
One thing that gamestop did right was it's used games. Other than that it was average
Marquel Dewitt
I dont know why people think it will be a good idea for games to be all digital or if it will just be only digital cuz that would be a dum and bad move for everyone in the long run we will need and always need a physical copy of a video game it's just part of it like we need it I don't care what nobody say because that will be giving too much power to the digital and the gaming industry as a whole I done alot of games on PSN and Xbox Live a like the games that was $60 for a whole year before the price was reduced when I could just go to GameStop and go get that same game for cheaper sooner because they're so use version of it and we just saw what happened to each company like Sony and Microsoft when it comes down to people hacking and everybody losing out on money and people accounts being compromised that's just a fat lawsuit waiting to happen and then on top of that it will be taking the fun out of people being able to have control over making their money back off of a game that they may not want anymore can't trade a digital copy so that mean no eBay no GameStop no Amazon no nothing you can't get your money back and then that goes back to the other part of online stuff and how much of a headache it will be because now that me and people that don't have access to a debit card or credit card will have to find a way to do that for the younger audience and how much of a headache that would be for the parents and the younger folks as well because now their parents aren't going to want to put their card on a video game system so that kind of breaks the freedom of people being able to go get games at free will so there be another slow down perspective in their money for everybody and then what about the space for prospective if you got a whole bunch of digital games on the system how much games would a system be able to take before it ran out of space then you will have to resort to using the cloud then when the cloud is filled the next alternative I could think of is some charging you to get more space for the cloud that's just a big old headache and lawsuits waiting to happen
Dragon Destruction
How many more of these vids are u gonna do? :p
Bobby Moss
Plug that GameStop.....
Ryan Ungerbuhler
Sorry i can't see that happen almost everyone loves that place and is still making money to this day. I honestly still think its gonna be here fir a long time just give a rest already this was said back last year and 2017 an nothing happened
The loss of Toy-R-Us last year really a loss for me personally. I loved going there and walking around and buying things. It's nice to put your hands on an item before you buy it.
The only way I see Gamestop surviving is if they become a game key seller like Green Man Gaming.
Fear Ghoul
How many predictions about Gamestop's demise has Rich made by now?
Master Chente
Blockbuster is a mioli9n times better than Netflix
the only experience i got at Gamestop was never actually buying anything. when i look at their weekly ads it makes me want to hate them even more for their no discount msrp prices. the last game i ever bought their was BF3 on midnight release and even that wasn't even a great experience. when gamestop goes it will be the happiest day of my life.
I prefer disk and i have had nothing but good experiences with gamestop
Gamestop will tap out once Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo start letting us trade in our downloaded games for credits through their online stores.
Giusep L
Am I the only one that doesn't like digital copies ? If you want to try to help stop buying digital...
mike brown
We've got a radio shack in my city it's not gone
Customer: "What!? You're only gonna give me $XX for this game I JUST payed $65 for? Pfffftt, you're just gonna turn around and sell it for $60 again anyways!! ManAgER!!
Same Customer: What? No! I don't wanna buy somebodys USED games! New or nothing!!
I worked at GS for a year and a half and Gamestop customers act so fucking entitled. Go take your scratched up copy of Sims 3 for the 360 with its drink stained case somewhere else than.
the internet is not nearly as strong as it is in japan. our internet infrastructure is a joke.
Anthony GHB
Online is way cheaper, that's my reason for choosing it over retail.
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Here's Why A Refurbished Gamestop Xbox GameStop Is On The Brink Of Being Sold, 1 day ago   18:51

Gamestop ran a Pro Day sale over the weekend and I thought I would take advantage of the sale and pick up a refurbished Xbox 360 system to check out. I wanted to see what Gamestop was selling as a refurbished system to customers and what I found showed me just how poor their refurbished systems are put together.

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