Ukraine War - Helmet Cam Combat Footage. Syria Civil War - Clashes And Insane 3 weeks ago   11:12

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The reconnaissance group of Ukrainian Armed Forces got into firefight in trenches near the neutral zone

After crossing the neutral zone and the enemy's position the reconnaissance group completed its mission and was on its way back, while they spotted enemy following them. So the Ukrainian Forces has begun a fire. This video is edited for the purpose of deleting sensitive footage and classified information.

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*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Ukraine and should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to glorify war or violence. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. This is a war documentary.

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I saw no one
haha ´imäDGinne´ euRöbbs ´´ströngest förce´´ having a right east Göff´´. > <

^ ^
them louzy kRimminnälL$ could have made a sürvey like semifRänz ^ ^
i bet they bet ön negrö prez anti pres to win the next elegtiönne x D
you louzy iddiötz you need möhr zen wän mic. ^ ^
Scheiß Ukrainer Nazis! Ich hoffe ihr seid bald am Ende! Donbass gibt nicht auf!
Brandon Vogler
NPC: Yeah! Kill those Russians! Gar!

Me: Only if you knew George Soros and other actors like Obama and John McCain helped overthrow the former President then "impeach" him with not enough votes. Then go on a killing spree of Russian speaking people in the east that don't feel everyone should be taught Ukrainian in school and have military thugs sent in on them for wanting their own freedom you might not look like such a jackass.

Sadly people are literally that ignorant, that's why those same people will have their own Governments turn on them and slaughter their families and friends.
Mark Iplier
Glory to Ukraine but I still love Russia like ffs can other westerners please realise that not all Russians believe in this
Green2Blue 30
@9:50 Bro’s clearly having a rough day.

I feel for him.
Dudes just smoking a pack of malborro while being shot at.
_ Sashko220 _
Glory to ukraine, respekt from Ukraine
5:55 I like the soundtrack in this game
Potato Killer
Modern Trench Warfare
Gábor Bartha
Fuckraine=coward bastards!
Gábor Bartha
Fuck ukraine! In the fuckrainan army is a lot of hungarian soldiers!!!
Anonymous Person
03:35, There's a PKM barrel just laying there on the right
Little Boy
Good luck Ukraine
bibi bregvadze
Putin khuilo! Slava geroiam
Tadeo,0 Gonzalez
Si lees esto hablas español!!!
Alvaro Hygino
Go Ukraine against the communism!
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Syria Civil War - Clashes And Insane Ukraine War - Helmet Cam Combat Footage. 3 weeks ago   11:25

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Syria Civil War - Clashes And Heavy Intense Insane Urban Combat Firefight Helmet Cam Fighting Action.

Heavy clashes fighting and firefights In Aleppo Syria captured on a helmet cam during clashes between Chechen Fighters and Syrian Army.

The fighting took place in an urban area. It is very close urban combat fighting action and one of the most intense firefight fighting clash video during syrias civil war in 2014 from point of view aspect.

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