WW3 fears as shock pics show Senior Chinese military officer 1 day ago   02:23

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WW3 fears as shock pics show Russia moving deadly S-400 MISSILES to border

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M4573R M1ND
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AsiA I.
nato and America you are going to be finisheD''
AsiA I.
so for the record within the last 3 months up to now here's what happened  America crashed 1 F-35 a F-16 a month later America crashed a FA/18 a few days after that Norway sunk a Helge Ingstad multimillion dollar warship and just recently America crashed two jets for todays incident you can type on google -'''2 us planes crash off japan 1 rescued 6 missing''' the jet and refueling aircraft of Americas which crashed were a FA/18 and the other aircraft was a KC-130 refueling aircraft another case you can type on google is type--''helge ingstad Norway stunned as latest warship sinks after collision''''
AsiA I.
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Roger Britton
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Derrick Holzhey
putin is a snake in the grass
Roger Britton
Balum why good luck Russia if they start war they will be all vaporised
AsiA I.
America Israel uk will be defeateD'
Colin Tan
Must have faith in the coming Ezekiel's wars prophecy.
Jim Jim
US F22 and F35 s along with tomahawk missiles will wipe them right out Vladimir so beef up whimp..
Frank White
A very effective defensive system indeed!
balam thapa
All the best Russia
Michael Kolbe
Huh ! Its not going to save Russia trust me
Bill Howard
S 400 missiles are defense only.
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Senior Chinese military officer WW3 fears as shock pics show 1 day ago   10:37

A senior Chinese military officer who spoke at a conference in Beijing on Saturday urged the Chinese navy to use force to counter US activities in the South China Sea.
The People's Liberation Army Air Force colonel commandant argued that the Chinese navy should ram US Navy warships that try to conduct freedom-of-navigation operations in "Chinese waters" in the South China Sea, Taiwan News reported.
Such an aggressive action would certainly constitute an escalation after an incident in September in which a Chinese navy destroyer nearly collided with a US warship in the South China Sea.

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