World War 3 Is war breaking out between Russia Russia vs Ukraine - Military Power 1 day ago   03:41

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TENSIONS between Russia and the Ukraine have escalated dramatically in recent days, overshadowing the G20 summit and prompting fears of further conflict. So what do we know?

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Simon SimonS
This channel been saying WAR WAR WAR for the last few days. And same thing,Russia at fault over and over again.
News my ass, just whinning,must be American.
Steven Stewart
If Russia takes over the Ukraine then that's when they will want to take all the country's that Russia owned before they all splinted up
pete b
Russia will blow another civilian airliner out the sky then blame Ukraine ...AGAIN thus giving them the excuse to invade
Alex Dobberman
if it's between Russia and Ukraine why say "world war"
Hasan Mohammad ziaul islam
A tension is going on.But it does not mean ww3
Jaja Kay
Btv.. report fake news to promote war... akways Russian is wrong. We all know Ukraine was wrong but u make it sounds like Russian was bad. oneside news fake..
Yvon Moua Moua
Russia is bad sample.
Rob Norberg
Bullshit story
Dragonsforever good

Who is the author of this saying?
espiritu bautista
They won't fire nukes if Russian use nukes at any country then Russia will burn
Timothy Love
What I know so far is that war with Russia will not come until they come against Israel
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Russia vs Ukraine - Military Power World War 3 Is war breaking out between Russia 1 day ago   06:41

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