The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off Adam Conover And Stephen Ruin 1 day ago   05:33

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Spencer Roland
i searched up "mattress reviews" and the first four results were labeled Ad
Demonclown 76
Serta's owned by trump. That's a shocker lol
Øyvind Steine
What about IKEA?
Cece D
I love Adren and love how he thew in some shade to those crime murder podcasters
Man these videos can really make a person salty, kinda hate the consumer world we live in. This video just as bad as the one about the prescription glass industry.
He didn't mention the fact that box springs are largely a ripoff. They make the bed a tad bit firmer, but if you want your bed firmer, just buy a firmer mattress. The box spring does nothing. I just threw mine away and I like the softer feel of my bed.
Candi Soda
I buy from Craigslist, the more stains the better because it adds character.
Hey, it's that chick from MadTV.
Solomon Wong
This didn't help me with my mattress shopping at all
Meh I just use consumer reports for reviews, nonprofit no kickbacks
How funny but absolutely true. I delivered over 1K bed sets a week to all the big and little shops. I sleep on a natural latex pad.
I was a driver for Simmons Mattress in San Leandro. Minimum markup was 300%. A "sale" is never a sale. Ever notice all the bed companies names sounded nearly the same? Designed confusion. At the end of the day, customers were exhausted and disgusted and finally give in. Comparison shopping and haggling? No dice. Not gonna happen.
And those super thick , super padded pillow tops? While they look comfy, they are anything but. That material breaks down in no time at all leaving you in a sagging, unsupportive cotton wad. Much more expensive sheets since your old will not fit.
Good luck ever trying to return a mattress. They will offer a repair of your mattress...but in the meantime, sleep on what?
Watch out for bait and switch as well. Yeah, that's still alive and kicking.
Aaron Garcia
I beat the system, I sleep on the floor. The illusion of necessity is a scam.
Ryuu Gureen
Just buy your mattresses outside the US where it's MUCH cheaper.
Who is the blond woman at the start he starts talking to?
Oday Bisharat
There are good options out there, go to small mom and pop shops that don’t sell sealy, Serra. Go to furniture stores, not mattress stores.
Derek Czerkaski
So I liked this video a lot, except for the end. It's kind of bogus to highlight something as a scam and a problem, yet provide no alternative solutions at all...
Legolas E
And we all know that mattress firm is a money laundering company.
Weee, Arden!
Arden Myrin Is looking good as Kathy :)
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Adam Conover And Stephen Ruin The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off 1 day ago   06:57

'Adam Ruins Everything' creator Adam Conover exposes some sad truths about the monumentally disappointing landmark that is Mount Rushmore.

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