My Crush REACTS To Old INSTAGRAM PHOTOS Hoodie Girl is a Queen || GLMM 2 days ago   19:32

Piper Rockelle
Shalom guys! Hope your day is great but better watching my crush react to my old Instagram photos! It’s really funny but a little embarrassing too! My “crush” Gavin Magnus and I react to each other’s old Instagram photos. Some are good photos, some are embarrassing photos, some are funny photos and other’s are just plain cringe! My dog Frank of course thinks everything is boring! After reacting, I challenge Gavin to recreate a couple of my Instagram photos. He even wears one of my dresses!

Who had the better Instagram photos the Boys, or the Girls? Would you be embarrassed if your crush saw some of your old photos? Comment below.

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Gavin Magnus:

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Piper Rockelle
Watch until the end to see Gavin in a dress.
Comment who wore Winnie then Pooh better.

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Comment for TEAM GAVIN
Conrado Coronado
How old are you🤔🤔😒
Sean Romero
Don’t be like Danielle Cohn
Don’t be like Danielle Cohn
Don’t be like Danielle Cohn

Please don’t I am praying for u
Annete Ramirez
Your dog is enorey
Madison Hein
my favorite character on friends is phebe
Minya Kue
I shipppp Gavin x piper ❤️❤️👍🏼
Mackinzzie Ausbrooks
In one of the photos she looks like Danielle Cohn12:19
Jessica Hutchinson
Nyny Collier
ALSO he is mature
Jimena Hernandez
Poor dog 🤣
Nybriah Bedford
Is ur mom letting u dress like that my mom would have hit me upside my head I i wear shorts that shprt like really MOM STEP UP UR GAME I am only 12 years old I am geting mad looking at this girl insta photos my mom would have slant me in the middle of next week like really their is something wrong with ur mom if she letting u dress like that I don't matter if u are internet famous LIKE U SHOUD HAVE BOUNDERIES WOTH UR DOUGHTER LIKE #1 That is to short go change like what is wrong with this generation MOM I AM GOING TO SAY AGAIN STEP UP IR GAME TALK TO HER LET HER KNOW WHAT IS AND IS WHAT NOT TO #WEAR OR DO, LIKE REALLY!!!!!
Esther Curnow
honestly find the dog thing weird... 😂😂
reborn dolls world
She's so spioled
Ami Mo
I liked it because of the pug😂😂😂😂😂😂
Potatoez Peoplez
Pheobe is my favorite character and my favorite couple is Ross and Rachel
Rehmat Sidhu - Great Lakes PS (1476)
Piper I dare u to kiss 😘 your crush like if u agree and just to let u know piper has 2 sis and 2 dogs well a pug and I am in college but I brought a dog u can see him on my profile pic and go follow her sis at rehmat3252 and stina Kayy and go follow piper byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
mariejam 123
So her crush is a makeup brush?
Reese L
OMG THATS MY FAVORITE SHOW! my favorite character is Joey because he doesn't know anything
xxx lightsta_tix
Stop yelling like jojo
McKinzie Johnson
All the time
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Hoodie Girl is a Queen || GLMM My Crush REACTS To Old INSTAGRAM PHOTOS 2 days ago   12:19


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