I Think I'm an Animal (Species Dysphoria Jasmine Harman's Extreme Hoarders: 1 day ago   43:12

Only Human
This 2013 documentary follows the lives of a group of people who believe they were born as the wrong species. Ranging from wolves, to leopards, to raccoons, these people wish to carry out their lives connecting with their other wild side. While some have found acceptance and community, many face rejection from a world that believes them to be crazy or asking for attention.

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Yellow W
Of course they never feel like they're frogs, fish or worms... it's always beautiful or fierce animals like wolves, tigers or horses. Pfft. If "otherkin" was in any way real then we'd have a shit tun of ants in our midst.
*Furries man*

Chaniilka Wijesena
Aren’t humans animals? Pls explain
They all live with their parents. Normally I'm all gor that but like... What a weird coincidence.
Ms Ciroc
This is not real however autism is
Adam Lee
This is so cringy... These people are trying to live a lie and it is laughable if we are supposed to take this fantasy as reality. Kinda like the trans crap going on. People are people and biology is a real thing.
Valene Tjong
If I wanted to change my name to something ridiculous and I legally could my parents wouldn’t just shrug it off and say that they have no power. They would deadass kick me out of the house. Sometimes harsh parenting is necessary to get your kids to assimilate and have an easier life socially.
PC PastaFace
Why are we giving this madness a legitimate platform
Omg I knew there where going to on autism spectrum and I was 100% right
Miss Slytherin
How the hell did I get here?! O_O
I wonder if they lick there own balls like a real wolf
Mushroom Kid
“Human animals” AKA furries
Lauren C
it cant be just a coincidence that they all seem a little slow.
PC PastaFace
And thus... the meme was born 0:25
Yeah! Another way to fit into a marginalized minority so you can be a big victim and have everyone pity you and give you oppression points :)
Ren P
You..You can't just identify as a blue furry mammal. Those don't exist. Like wut.
Ro Draws
i was expecting something different....instead i get a video about furries....
Go and find these people in the third world and I might believe it's something other than self indulgence

Wow can ride a bike just like a real wolf
*howls while being in some random bush*
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Jasmine Harman's Extreme Hoarders: I Think I'm an Animal (Species Dysphoria 1 day ago   58:10

Hoarding has become acknowledged as a distinct psychological disorder since Jasmine Harman tackled her own family's hoarding issues in the documentary, "My hoarder Mum & Me."
However, in this documentary, she meets some of Britain's biggest hoarders, living secret double lives riddled with shame while scrapping through almost unlivable conditions at home.
See how it goes Jasmine, in her attempt to help the hoarders and their families in this second episode of Biggest Hoarders.

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Is hoarding a form of obsessive-compulsive behaviour?
And what happens, when a hoarding obsession begins to affect the relationship with family and friends - preventing the person from having a normal life? Jasmine Harman is seeking the answers to these questions in this remarkably honest documentary series.

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