Halsey - Without Me (ft. Juice This Unexplained Video Will 2 days ago   03:50

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Julian Corsino
Who eles is here because juice wrld
DS nofriends
Oh yeah yeah
Kamron Washington
Its ribs now instead of a skull lol Halsey teaching us about the skeletal system
Izzy Zeidan
I showed this to my dog now he’s my dawg
Elliot Muselk
I came for Juice but now I come for both
Did you really think you could live without me mso

Hardly dear
Is it me or did Halsey release a music video to this song with her singing with water pouring all over her body and she was in a white tank top, and then she took the video down the same day.???
Byron Herre
His voice definitely doesn’t fit on the song... to be honest I prefer the original
Oh yeah yeah
I been tryin to listen to dis @ school but I can't find the one that juice wrld rap on 😂😂
a samurai of sorts
10,916th comment
And if they laughin' fuck em all
Natalie Mora
Juice wrld words always inspire me for some reason
Natalie Mora
I legit cried when juice wrld started singing
Rilee Conklin
woah 😍
Marthious' knowledge 3
Almost fall asleep waiting for Juice's verse to start
Such a dope 💣 💥 🔥
This needs a music video ASAP
Mud Butt
1.5 speed try it
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This Unexplained Video Will Halsey - Without Me (ft. Juice 2 days ago   11:08


Well hello their boys and girls! Welcome back to The Supreme – your number one stop for entertainment videos found anywhere on the internet! Today of course, just like every single day, we’ve got a special video lined up for you – where we’ll be talking about some of the most mysterious events caught on tape – with today’s title – This Unexplained Video Will Give You Chills!

10 What the What???

Ok folks if I’ve ever promised you one thing – I’ll promise you this – today, it’s gonna get weird. I mean – it’s gonna get real, real weird. So strap in. Up next we have some creepy footage that was sent in to the Supreme Team, and we have no idea where it came from. However, what goes without question is this is extremely strange. Check it out. What in the heck is going on here? It almost appears that some sort of extremely large – and I mean almost out of bounds large – serpent, or snake – is rising out of the ground! But, that doesn’t even make sense, right?! So then what in the heck could be going on right here? I gotta tell you, after watching this over and over and over again – it’s impossible to say. But that’s why we have you guys! So let us know what your best guess is down below, and we’ll go ahead and get our next clip lined up for you!

9 The NYC Lights

So this next clip is something that we’ve actually covered recently, but this is another version of the events that took place and we definitely wanted to share it with you all. We’re talking about those strange lights that occurred over New York City back in the end of December in 2018. Wow, saying 2018 out loud actually makes it seem like it was so long ago – when it actuality it was 2018 just a few weeks ago. I digress. Anyway – look at these lights. Crazy, right? It was originally stated that some electrical transformer exploded, causing this extremely unordinary event, however, multiple locals thought that that explanation was trash. So what do you think? Weird explosion at a plant that no one knows about? Or, alien life coming to earth and checking out the media capital of North America? Let us know what you think about all that down in the comments.

8 The Metallic Tarantula

Let’s keep things moving right along, where up next we have a very rare and mysterious arachnid that – to be completely honest with you – looks super scary and super cool at the exact same time! This is the giant blue metallic tarantula, and they’re primary residence is in India. In fact, this spider is so rare that it’s only ever been found on one specific road – and there was a one hundred year gap in between confirmed sightings! Right, how weird is that? Because of the rarity of this creature the price to own one as a pet is pretty steep, with the asking price nearing $500 if you want your new pet to be female. Which all leads me to this – why do some of you guys actually want to own this as a pet? Really, a big’ ol spider? Ok I get it… to each his own!

7 Ghost Gong Goi

You know what guys – let’s kick it up a notch. Check out this next clip, that comes all the way over from Thailand. Originally surfacing back in September of 2018 – this video apparently displays the notorious ghost Gong Goi – who, according to legend – is a mythological child-sized ghost that lives in the woods, and apparently hops around instead of walking. In fact, this particular ghost is featured so often in Thailand’s mythology that this video went viral soon after it was posted to Facebook, where it racked up over 4 million views in no time. Of course there are plenty of skeptics, as well – so what do you think? Could this be the infamous Gong Goi ghost of Thailand? Or is this just someone dressed up in a costume, jumping around for attention in the middle of the night?

6 The Protective Cobra
5 ??
4 ??
3 ??
2 ??
1 ??

Background Music: [No Copyright Music] Mystery - GoSoundtrack

Ending Song: [No Copyright Music] Missing Someone (Vlog Music ) - Dj Quads : https://w-vidz.com/videow/T-s-wWHOAKi

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