India’s Renewable Energy Journey New Wind Turbine Technologies - renewable 3 months ago   09:06

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
India’s Renewable Energy Journey

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Very knowledgeable video👌👌👌
James Rosemary
Numbers are impresive but it doesn't say what percentage of power consumption is from renewable sources...
Dustin Krejci
..."tribal and backward communities..." the narrator said...
Darksiders Valley of death
jai hind
Engine HD
Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan ! Jai Hind....!
Subhash Nashkar
that why i love my country
Pushpraj Rahangdale
Wind energy
Pushpraj Rahangdale
This is future.....
If you interested in how solar power plant working....then visit below link..
Eisham Manulon
I wish india is a clean country
Mohammed Mansoor
In this almost lays
Yashsvi Dixit
Just look at this
hunny arora
Itna paisa government park bnane me lga ri h... Indian public ko loan dekar without interest toh har ghar me solar panel aajega...
chitharanjen kg
Why not the floating panels using on the sea to produce electricity?🤔
Dark Phantom
I think this video should be translated in regional languages. Then only people get aware of this technology...
& Things get done in grass roots level...
I don't see any of these things in our surroundings...
Ankit singh
Green india clean india
Devendra Singh
India should stop all water from streams and rivers flowing to Pakistan.
Richard Black
No one has posted a negative comment yet so I guess ill be that guy.
India must be backwards and primitive to think that Biomass generators are renewable but nuclear is not.
small scale hydro power only? what fools... Dams only get more energy efficient when they get larger.
using arable farmland for solar farm instillation is a really inhumane decision. you flipped a coin between feeding your people and giving them electricity.

Nuclear power is the closest thing this world has to a perfect energy source. it only has two flaws which can easily be fixed:
1. risk of meltdown. a catastrophic failure only happens at old, outdated, poorly maintained, or improperly expanded power facilities.
if innovation and engineering can make solar and wind cheap; then it can make Nuclear safe.
2. disposal of nuclear waste. solid nuclear waste should be stable at an average underground facility, as long as the area is not prone to earthquakes, floods or erosion.
in most countries the perfect area would be at the bottom or large open pit mines. Nuclear waste inside a 3" thick lead cylinder, inside a steel cylinder coated in epoxy, bundled together at the bottom of the hole (500 feet below the surface) surround the containers in concrete, insert tungsten plaques baring the radioactive symbol, and fill in the hole with the mined out dirt.
Paul Adams
Fantastic, please keep up the good work! ♡♡♡♡♡
jitesh verma
Very good initiative..
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New Wind Turbine Technologies - renewable India’s Renewable Energy Journey 3 months ago   27:47

New Wind Turbine Technologies

The new wind-lens turbine

A Japanese research group is working on a new technique that could triple the output of wind power generation. Called the wind-lens turbine, it gathers the wind much as a lens concentrates light by means of a special device that is attached around the turbine. So, what could that be? Look forward to this! It's simpler than you'd think! Tests have already started on turbines out at sea in preparation for practical introduction. Effective use of the wind around Japan's coasts could far more than satisfy Japan's electricity needs. We report from the vanguard of this dream new technology.

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