R. Kelly's Ex-Protege Sparkle Reacts Exclusive | Aaliyah & Her Mother Allegedly 2 days ago   21:56

Roland S. Martin
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Lifetime debuts the bombshell documentary series, “Surviving R. Kelly,” in a special three-night-event, beginning Thursday, January 3 at 9pm ET/PT. Two additional hours will premiere on Friday, January 4, at 9pm ET/PT and the final installment of the six-part documentary series will debut on Saturday, January 5, at 9pm ET/PT. Read more http://ow.ly/Eg9e30ncnYI

Roland Martin spoke with Sparkle, R. Kelly's ex-protege about the documentary during Friday's edition of #RolandMartinUnfiltered
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Elaine Donaway
She's lying.
Elaine Donaway
Better girls than boys...
R. Kelly is no better than that sick NXIVM dude and Allison Mack. Aaron McGruder and Dave Chappelle was right to make fun of that predator pervert.
Effie Lincoln
Wow he just call the lil girl's women ?
Blue Sky
Blue Sky
Blue Sky
have u seen the Bird puppet Tariq made 4 U? lol!
Blue Sky
Roland Slime
Debbie Does Dallas
He can get away with this mess because these girls are black , let him try to sleep with one under age white girl and all hell would break loose 😒
queenmia white
Why her niece didnt speak out
Nafiysa Chatman
the ones that sweety the money ran out. what money she been saying this for years. Lisa van Allen has been saying this for years. yall act like this is new news. yall are ridiculous and blind
Nafiysa Chatman
the poster behind her is to show association with him. that is her accomplishment why not have it her home.
Mazlum Besler
why this stupid b....... has a Poster from R. Kelly behind her, and in her room??????
Alli Shalua
The world never understand, never think beyond the capability that God has grant to us, thus money lead people to hypocrisy ...... We even forget that Satan through Ever (woman) 'just the same as here'.. Destroy humans life... Here now we cased, a woman will bitterly delivery and a man will hardly survive ... Guys... Open your eyes.... This is Satan's hypocrisy.. It is last days.... Perhaps it is difficult to fight against.
Lynn Taylor
Ok, I do believe R Kelly is sick and need help, but let’s just address this, why is the Catholic Priest not going to jail for rapping little boys, why do they get a pass, why are they not going to jail, where is the six hr documentaries on The Catholic Priest, STAY WOKE!!!!
Olivia Mitchell
parents need to teach their children how to love themselves and how to take pride within themselves and it don't take a man to make a woman whole .
angela mcgee
The time of greed
Aaron Y
This fucking Black POS is going to HELL...AB in the Prison yard will make him Call them Daddy.. others will call him his B.I.T.C.H!!! LMAO
I just wanna know why y'all defending people that didn't defend themselves?

To this day the pee pee girl & her parents haven't uttered a word but it so much controversy surrounding them.
mary house
Why everybody is not taking about Harvey WIENSTIEN,JOHNNY DEEPP,an all the other caucasian that's not beeing thought about.
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Exclusive | Aaliyah & Her Mother Allegedly R. Kelly's Ex-Protege Sparkle Reacts 2 days ago   1:04:03

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