🚨 WAR ALERT - Russia & Ukraine [Breaking News] USA Revert to Ukraine 2 days ago   28:19

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In this video I reveal the pre-arranged military provocation against Russia that was coordinated by the USA and Ukraine. I'll discuss the history of the conflict over Crimea and the Kerch Strait.

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Vera Woods
I don’t know about the rights and wrongs of the capture of the Ukrainian ships but I’m not for how the Ukrainian government was treating its own people which was disgusting. And I can’t really blame cremia for going back with Russia. Better then Ukraine I think. I just wish there government would grow a heart. Sorry to see the people who have being suffering enough being caught up in this mess.
un park
Let Russia go for Georgia; and, the US, go for North Korea!!!
Roy Tallow
Russia acts like they own former Soviet Countries that went Independent ! Russia President didn’t like the defection of those Countries ! Georgia , Ukraine ! Need there resources eg. Oil & mineral resources ! No More Free Stuff ! Russia !
Chase Viking
Ukraine is getting tired of Russia being a bully so Ukraine is going to put a end to it. Too bad for Russia because Ukraine has better allies that will help out. Plus the Russian military is a joke.
Max Soroka
f u russian prostitute
John Saunders
Roy Wolsink
You explane this right and give people the truth. Nice work
If Russia actually invades Ukraine there's a pre-established plan that NATO immediately attacks all Russian ballistic-missile subs with nuclear torpedoes -- within 90 minutes. We have classified tracking methods that keep 70% of those Russian boomers in track at all times. Russia probably won't even know about it for 3-5 hours, since the attacks will happen mostly in remote ocean locations and will be almost impossible to verify. There will be a small amount of radioactive haze drifting here and there but not much -- a small nuke 2,000 feet underwater leaves very little surface trace. There's some risk that the small torpedo warheads -- only about 2 kilotons -- will detonate some or all of the big strategic MIRV loads on the Russian target subs. In that case, there would be a serious 50-100 megaton blast that would get everybody's attention fast. Regardless, Russia stands to lose about half of its submarine missile assets within 2 hours of the time the first tank crosses Ukraine's border. Putin has no idea how terrible that mistake would be.
Stefan Gherghinoiu
is ukraine even a country? i thought is just a territory of the most notorious mafia bosses like poroshenko
Excellent research You are a real journalist. Thanks for your courage ---Many prayers for you
Jay Andrews
Hey look, you blamed the US, what a surprise!🙄
Graham Philips is nothing but a Kremlin paid prostitute of a journalist, his words should not be taken seriously especially what he said about Georgian conflict with Russia.
Pls nobody is fighting russia esp Ukraine quit the nonsense
bouncer dogsly
The Kerch Straight bridge opened on the 16th May 2018. What is jake talking about, "being built"? It's open.
George Mc Donough
War sucks, but the political ruling class is the problem. Corruption and greed.
Suzy Dana Faisel
Bs Liers....ukraine is the victim Here first russia grab their land, suporting terrorist in east ukraine land and second Block off their mariapol Sea port...when there was a russian puppit in ukraine it was fine with them...russia ll looser crimea free or forced.
Solomon Kahmei
War brings grief and great loss, regret and disappointment, it does nothing good. It is all selfishness.
Mists & Shadows
Crimea is Inchon and Putin knows history because his 'little green men' pulled exactly the same stunt as MacArthur and the Brandenburgers (@ Maikop) before him.

The Donbas is a block force position between the Ukraine and the Caspian (Tenghiz) region.  Which is the first or second largest petrogas region on the planet.  Russia is hooked up with the PRC and Iran in the Shanghai Cooperative Organization to bring petrogas to the East.  Whereupon the Chinese will decouple the RMB from the USD and _nothing we do_, in the straits of Malacca will matter because energy will not be sold in petro-dollars.

Whether China, Russia and the EU petition for an SDR reallocation of the petrodollar authority as GRC will not matter.  As the simple fact that there is a separate currency which PAYS IT'S DEBTS in material goods and benefits rather than 'load restructuring' from the IMF will mean that interest rates rise, overnight, to 3-4% and 9-11% by the end of the first year of a breakaway currency from the USD.

The U.S. will be unable to make interest payments on it's own massive loans and nobody will take our check because the Euro-Russian-Chinese alliance will provide a viable alternative to the IMF in the form of the AIIB.  The Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank will trade commercial goods by the thousands of tons, along with basic infrastructure building and engineering expertise.  In trade for long term resource contracts which essentially render the obscenity of what the IMF did in Indonesia a thing of the past.  Since the IMF is the Fed is the USD, we will then be stuck with either making war on half the planet or accepting the United States own default condition.

Which will make the likes of Mexican colonization seem cheap as the Chinese will use structured bailouts which essentially replace the Elite Class ownership of residual U.S. Real Properties (Businesses and Utilities + Commodities as Land) to institute a CRF level buy out of the entire American economy.

Pushing MENA into Europe.  Putting Ukraine and Russia at Loggerheads.  Sponsoring ISIS so that their highway banditry can give a reason to bring U.S. Forces (as airpower) back into Qatar, Iraq and Syria.  Even the endless extension of presence in Afghanistan and specifically the setup of Shindand as a separate, sovereign, city state is ALL ABOUT this agenda.

So that 700nm radius F-35s and 1,5000nm radius B-21s can, at a moment's notice cut the Peace Pipeline (from Iran's South Pars gas fields to China) while also disrupting the Caspian sea gas fields which feed Europe and maintain the Russian's own energy markets.

Meanwhile, you have men like Dr. Phillip Karber telling us that Soviet atomic doctrine is based around 'sudden escalation' with demonstration and then incapacitation before retaliation being first-led trump cards rather than last resort options.

So.  In theory.  Kiev pulls the other leg into bed and spreads for NATO and Kiev finds itself a self lighting parking lot.  The U.S. is left in a position where they can either defend their new NATO partner's decapitation with equivalent strikes or slink away because we don't want a strategic nuclear exchange with a freshly modernized Russian ICBM and TBM force.

Meanwhile, Putin is standing up the 2nd and 10th Guards Tank Armies which is to say a return of the forces used to form the heart of the WARPAC era main force.  Because Zabrodsky (sp.) humiliated their smaller BTG run fer de border back in 2014-2015 and this time they will be sure to bring enough force to provide flank security so that their logistics trains cannot be cut by a meager battalion's worth of tanks beheading the snake using WWII Kampfgruppe tactics.

Just like football: one blocks, the other runs for the endzone, which, in this case, is the Ukrainian border.  And all the 'Perestroika' and 'Glasnost' nonsense, which nearly cost Russia everything to the Western version of organized crime (financial strip mining of those same energy assets, crashing the economy), will be reset as Russia goes for a hard border at the Bug river, right up on Poland's border.

The U.S. is down to around 500 tactical nuclear weapons.  All free fall B-61s for which we have no qualified, tactical, stealth delivery platforms to penetrate a Russian A2AD complex.  Compared to the 3-5,000 Soviet equivalents, mostly rocket or artillery based (much harder to stop).  Which could make staging operations, either from Poland or from the Middle East, an exercise in futility.

Without a political head of state, we will leave Ukraine because we will lose men in the tens of thousands (and millions of Ukrainians) if we don't.

We will begin energy warfare against the Soviets oil and gas industry, curtailing the last of her foreign currency trade.  And they will laugh at us as they and the Chinese stand up an opposition economy, not centered on slaughter but economic growth.

And then the economic consequences to no longer being the sole petrodollar trading nation will come home to our shores and civil war will break out as the USSA finds it hard to distribute food.  If that doesn't work, the Russians will detonate a nuke off of Norfolk or Miami, as a 'demonstration' (Monrovski policy) and the U.S. will either stand up and be reckoned with as they start the war which ends the species.  Or they will be thrown back, humiliated by their globalist overreach and be invited to leave NATO as it dissolves, to be replaced by a Euroforce, shortly thereafter.

Americans are weak wanting to do what looks right rather than what IS correct, for our own interests.  Americans are geopolitically stupid, having yielded our fierce nationalism to multiracial polarization and disenfranchisement from our own country, we don't even understand what the long game that is being played out here really means.
ok we have going to war
Hx-Flix & Blog
Rid Ukraine of these NAZIs who bullied their way into power because the Russia of today isn't the old Russia of The Soviet Union who wouldn't have ever even allowed for any of this happening before it's too late! Oh, and by the way, just the right to vote alone does not make a democracy. Figure that one out if you have any knowledge of economics.
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[Breaking News] USA Revert to Ukraine 🚨 WAR ALERT - Russia & Ukraine 2 days ago   11:47

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