American dies livestreaming in Ukraine 7 FAKE SOLDIERS WHO GOT EXPOSED ON CAMERA 4 weeks ago   06:12

özlem ateş
American dies livestreaming in Ukraine fighting for Donbass with American foreign fighters

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Rats go home. Long live Dombass.
peter R
some americans, especially those of ukrop heritage, are moronic in mentality.
The Varangian from Pycь
I dont get it how does the dude in the beginning has a Russian flag on the helmet and sholder at the same time yellow ribbon for Ukraine ??? Fake ?!?!
collin dee
why was he there exactly?
Carl Baird
And this is over seas?
Star Guy
doug harmon
my face would have been tasting that dirt there I would have been so low.....
3:50 that's the buff Tachanka needs
Seems to me that we Americans have way less business interfering in this fight than the Russians do. At least there's history and geography on the side of Russia. Long live Mother Russia.
looooool you can hear the airsoft guns at 3:28!
Bulgarian English Property Translation
if anyone thinks this is fake go get help
Juan Perez
Fake asf lol
Dominik Viktorovič Chlebnikov
Thanks to the American fighting for us
Sen neden hep böyle şeyler paylaşıyon
David Cross
Fk the Russians and the Separatist thieves
Umberto Moriega
This is fuckin airsoft you dumbfuck
Steven Pettigrew
Why is there so many American people armed and fighting in Ukraine? Is America doing a putin?
nope noteven
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7 FAKE SOLDIERS WHO GOT EXPOSED ON CAMERA American dies livestreaming in Ukraine 4 weeks ago   16:09

We've all met a bullshitter -- the guy who claims he's been in a ton of street fights, or a secret agent. But nothing is worse than the fake war heroes -- dudes who want all of the glory and cool stories of people who served without the actual "risking their lives" part. It's not surprising that those ridiculous, compulsive liars exist. It's surprising that some of them managed to fool the world. Here are 7 Fake Soldiers WHO GOT EXPOSED ON CAMERA!


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Video shows the emotional damage that stolen valor can cause. An army officer and his wife Michelle are off duty at a Kansas City airport when they notice a mistake on a ‘marine’s’ uniform. They confronted him, and he admitted he was a fake. said he was attending a wedding.

➽ Fake Outed Outside MacDill AFB Soliciting Money
Veteran Garrett Goodwin confronts a fake Veteran outside Macdill AFB. The fake claimed he was former Special Forces and his missions so secret that the VA doesn't even acknowledge he exists.The fake was soliciting money from people using his fake Veteran status.

➽ Veteran call Out Fake Ranger
A former Infantryman, Ryan Berk call out a fake Ranger At Oxford Valley Mall. The guy couldn't answer basic questions that he should've known, he was wearing a CIB with three stars and tried to say he got them all for Iraq and Afghanistan, not possible as you can only get one for both campaigns. Fake ranger was trying his hand at some discounts.

➽ Stolen Valor Fake EOD Outed By Veteran and Cop in Fresno Airport
Footage recorded back in December of a fake EOD guy in the Fresno Airport. Chris Parmer, a former Army SPC, saw the guy and went and got a police officer before the confrontation. The guy tried to claim it was his stepsons uniform. He failed to mention the 20% discount he received at Starbucks because of the uniform.
Fake Colonel Goes Into Recruiting Office Looking For Free Ride

➽ A fake Colonel goes into a recruiting office looking to score a free ride.
She also needs some rank for her uniform.. she might want to pick up some boots while she is at it.

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This guy was confronted at a Home Depot in Hollywood Florida by a Former Army NCO. He claims to have joined at 16, and is now 21, but doesn't know the proper regulation for the wear of the uniform.

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Guardian Of Valor Stolen Valor
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Jonathan Dennill


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