RANDOM DUOS.... FAKE DEFAULTS 2 days ago   10:14

hope u all had a great xmas and new years


Outro Song: JOSH A - NO CHILL

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Ayush Bhunjun
i don't have a win can you get me a win please fearless my name is predatorM06
Mo Habibjan
song? 10:09 ???????????????????????????????????????????????/>
Jason Pei
Your songs are all from ncs no copyright music
Tricky Toes
Mate I played 1,000 matches before i got my first win
fan de renatoide 1vs1
I know spanish before he start to laugh his little brother im goin to the batroom whith my brother
niniko akhobadze
your content is best on youtube
E 2 M I R
Fornite trash
Tomas Pinheiro
4 min 40 sec. Ahhhhhhhhhaaaahhhhhhnnnnn
Rasmus Tuominen
You are best OMGGGGG
golden G TV
Oh yeah yeah
Comedy GoldXD
Correction 398 matches XD 1:45
Comedy GoldXD
My man fearless is a

:or is Oscar better XD
Emilia Bidjourov
I GoT 55 FUdGiNG wOod 49 BRicK anD 04 MEtal.. ESKkIt
Nashy Tashy
you should join xd clan
Demon Fire
I played over 1000 no solo wins 😒
AssAssin _squad
4:38 the moan though
Alex ortiz
Holy crap this video made me cry laughing
If you look at 3:30 He is party leader, meaning that this is fake
Renah Agsalon
You should be called Faze Fearless
Pablo Delgado
I have no idea what he’s saying that’s really funny 😁
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FAKE DEFAULTS RANDOM DUOS.... 2 days ago   10:01


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