The Ukraine Russia Conflict Explained Russia का Crimea पर 4 weeks ago   03:18

The Ukraine Russia conflict has been going on for months, but how did we get here? AJ+ gives you a quick cheat sheet on everything you need to know to understand the latest news, from the November Euromaidan protests to Crimea to the pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

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John Bryant
Oh. Because US intelligence told us that there was WMD in Iraq.....but there wasnt right??
John Bryant
Thw fact that you use the word "annexatiom" tells me the your full of shit. Crimea was always part of Russia.
Typical Western Propaganda lmao xD retards
Richard Sells AZ
Much love to Ukraine from the civilized world
Ukraine? You mean Malorossiya?
Shantanu Jain
Couldn't concentrate on the video because of those eye
Віктор Горленко
Russian occupation Ukrainian Crimea and Donbas and kills Ukrainian Orthodox People.
Ali Jamile
'so called referendum held at gunpoint' lol tell how many people got killed in crimea?
Where it goes from here?? WAR. Europe will be the battle ground between the western US allies and Russia and China with their allies. = WORLD WAR III.
Well if over 90% of Crimeans voted to become part of Russia, what else is there for the USA and EU to oppose? The Crimeans have made clear their decision in a democratic manner.
Not a single word of truth, mothertfuckers! No one cared about Yanukovich either in Eastern Ukraine no in Western respectively. He was equally despised everywhere, even in Russia. The main problem wasn't about him at all. The South-East for all the 23 years of 'independance' was absolutely being ignored as of their civil rights as economic development of the region! And then in 2014 some fuckers would start telling their stories of how incapable and almost under human the South-Easterners were. What would you do? Well, may be tge South-Easterners weren't that much developed economically, but they were proud of being the Russian people that would never give up. That's why they rebelled. And now it's too late for Ukraine to wheep and moan and cry! What's ours stays ours! No pasaran!
the know
U are so naive
dominus imperio romano { S.P.Q.R }
Хохлы папуасы и салоеды тупые, проскакали свою страну и экономику, а ведь только начинали при Януковича вылазить из нищеты, печально :-( !
DiaPsh !
14sacred words88
Russia did not annex anyone
Ok... so it's their own fault. As long as It's their own fault.
Человеко- человек
I live in eastern Ukraine and all my neighbours hate Russia
Tafri mukhtar
how about missile serial number downing MH-17 is registered at sovyet as ukraine SSR inventory?
My Mi
Moskovija occupied Kievan Rus in 1783, after the fall of Crimean khan Şahin Giray.
Modern russian history is one big lie, based on a stolen history of Kievan Rus, which moskovity after the occupation called malo russ until the last century, when soviets came up with a new name 'Ukraine'. Since the beginning in order to complete their occupation they were killing all Kievan Rus fighters for the independents of Kievan Rus. The wast majority of the Gulag political prisoners were from Kievan Rus/Ukraine.
In order to understand why it was possible for russia to occupy Crimea in 2014, we also need to remember that In 1944 all Crimean tatars were deported from Crimea to support another fake russian fake history about 'russian' Crimea.
Marcin Bieńkowski Russians killed 6-7 million Ukrainians and replaced them with Russians, so Russians like Russia.
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Russia का Crimea पर The Ukraine Russia Conflict Explained 4 weeks ago   28:01

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