The Russians Are Coming: NATO's Frontier United in Hate: The Fight for Control 1 day ago   17:46

In the wake of events in Ukraine, NATO has turned its attention towards countries that border the Russian Federation — attempting to boost its quick-response capabilities in Europe. In September, the alliance agreed to create a 5,000-strong rapid reaction Spearhead Force, which will be capable of deploying across the continent within 48-hours of a military incursion. VICE News joined several thousand NATO troops in western Poland, for the first deployment test of the "Very High Readiness Joint Task Force."

According to the premise of the exercise, Poland and the Baltics were under threat from the fictional state of “Bothnia” — a master of conventional and hybrid warfare. NATO forces had been ordered to deploy, and quickly, to Poland.

During the deployment test, NATO’s top diplomat Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg flew in to watch its progress. He told VICE News that NATO was undertaking “the biggest reinforcement of our collective defense since the end of the Cold War.”

While in Poland, VICE News filmed with non-governmental paramilitary groups, which are training young Polish people to defend their towns and cities in the event of a foreign-backed assault. Participation in paramilitaries has reportedly increased since Russia’s seizure of the Crimean Peninsula.

We also traveled north, to visit the border that Poland shares with the heavily armed Russian territory of Kaliningrad. This spring, Poland built six high-tech watchtowers along the 125-mile border.

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john carinola
Good God, is harry potter's.clip?
john carinola
She in some war/apocalyptic action film.
john carinola
Is she trying to.incite hostility?
Edoardo Ferrari
11:46 a provocative move?? What tf was the annexation of Crimea then?! Dumbass idiot
Edoardo Ferrari
10:27 fkn pathetic... a circus... wtf really? Pull you shit tougher. Fkn vice
Эвалард Шопопалов
Украина во время майдана палила наши посольства и сжигало наших же людей ( послов ) , поэтому кто первый объявил войну так это Украина с его новыми властями . Мы забрали Крым без единого выстрела и нас поддержал народ , там сейчас нет забастовок и люди живут счастливо не зная гражданских войн . ДНР и ЛНР против нынешней власти и да мы их поддерживаем так как они и есть отголосок нынешней власти , а именной той что поддерживало идею о содружестве с Россией .
Майдан начался с того что Янукович отказался от вступления в НАТО и тут народ решил поднять восстание и свергла власть что поддерживало идеалы содружества с Россией .
Уже за окном 2019 год и сейчас Украина не перестает свои наступления на ДНР и на протяжении уже как 5 лет обстреливают города и убивают мирных жителей . Жители уже сами начали брать орудие и вместе с наемниками отстаивают то что осталось от их дома .

Ukraine during the Maidan burned our embassies and burned our people ( ambassadors) therefore who the first declared war so it is Ukraine with its new authorities . We took the Crimea without a single shot and we were supported by the people, there are now no strikes and people live happily without knowing civil wars . DNR and LNR against the current government and Yes we support them as they are the echo of the current government, and the one that supported the idea of cooperation with Russia .
Maidan began with the fact that Yanukovych refused to join NATO and then the people decided to revolt and overthrew the government that supported the ideals of the Commonwealth with Russia .
Already outside the window of 2019 and now Ukraine does not cease its attacks on the DPR and for the past 5 years have been shelling cities and killing civilians . The residents themselves have already begun to take the gun and, together with mercenaries to defend what is left of their homes .
Lone Wolf
@11:15 Secretary General of NATO flying in on a Russian Hind Helicopter ... ?!!!!
Slim Dood Dood
The worst reporter she ready to start a conflict over a picture Stupid gringo 😂😂😂
Ainul Akmal Hisham
Vice, fire this skank and bring back Simon Ostrovsky
Texas Patriot7.62x39
Liberals should fight the next world war if they really hate Russia 🇷🇺 so much & plus
this reporter is so insanely stupid just like the rest of her kind
zahid zada
This channel is 100 % Anti Russian, I never saw nothing positive about Russia.
Nikolay Slobodyanyuk
Тупая пизда
free man
the Americans finally done their mischief in EU as well ,,they will cause wars all over this planet,,they are cursed as hell,
James Scott
Ummmm, how can it be "fear mongering" when the Russians have shown aggression? Would you call someone raising the alarm about Nazis in Poland "fear mongering"? Your reporter is disgustingly naive.
dima krupchov
massive watch towers are gonna stop nuclear capability rockets
Alex Sherman
The worst reporter ever
Achwaq Khalid
Why is everyone hating on the reporter?!! WoW.
This chick is an idiot... seriously... learn some history, and geography and grow a damn BRAIN... geopolitics is not about what is, but about who is pulling the strings...and why... journalism is dead in US... at least its 99.99% dead... there are very few real journalists left who report on things as they ARE... without bias... VICE is another propaganda outlet of us state dept.
Julius Andrusaitis
Russian trolls barking like always :D Manipulant bastards
The Reckoner
VICE you have just GOT to stop sending these idiotic young clueless booger picking MORONS on these politically sensitive missions, or to address ANY journalistic topic of any complexity. That young girl put the T in twit.
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United in Hate: The Fight for Control The Russians Are Coming: NATO's Frontier 1 day ago   25:21

In March 2013, the Seleka, a coalition of predominantly Muslim-armed groups from the northeast, marched on the Central African Republic’s capital Bangui and seized power.

They committed mass atrocities against the population, and to the largely Christian population in the southwest, Muslims began to be associated with violence. They took up arms to form a Christian self-defense militia called the anti-balaka, and carried out revenge killings.

By the end of 2013, the Central African Republic had descended into civil war. Under pressure from the international community, the Seleka were forced to give up power and retreated towards the northeast, where they regrouped.

A United Nations peacekeeping mission and a French military operation were able to stem the fighting, but despite their presence, the transitional government has not been able to regain control of the country outside Bangui.

With the anti-balaka controlling the southwest, and the Seleka controlling the northeast, the Central African Republic is de facto partitioned along ethno-religious lines. For those who find themselves on the wrong side of the divide, life has become hell.

VICE News travels to Carnot, a mining town at the heart of the Central African Republic's diamond region controlled by the anti-balaka, where 500 Muslims are hiding in a church to stay alive. On the other side of the country in Bambari, ex-Seleka rebels are terrorizing the Christian population, with thousands forced to seek shelter in a cotton factory following renewed fighting.

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