The women of France's Yellow Vest France's Macron and Philippe order 2 days ago   12:29

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In this edition, how the Yellow Vest movement in France is attracting a number of female protestors as a report shows that women make up the bulk of workers in low-paid jobs in Europe. Also as India struggles with the push for equality, we meet Rohena Gera, one of the growing number of female filmmakers emerging from the sub-continent. Plus the skills of the Bosnian coppersmith have been passed from father to son for generations. Yet for the first time, a woman has become an expert in the craft.

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Daniel Kroyer
In October 1789 the women of Paris organized a march to Versailles and King Louis XVIth was brought back to Paris. It was the end of Versailles! Funny how History repeats itself!
Justin Thyme
French men are sissies. Wave your white flags. You couldn't stand up to a bunch of drunk grannies. Remember July 16, 1942 losers.
Renny Zero
NWO is The Bilderburg Corp is Illuminati is the enemy of the people.
Stupid mainstream French news.
This is all the French people, not just women
mac detroit
The elites are using the military to rob, steal, and pillage, but unlike Caesar they are not sharing the spoils of war with the native citizens. To add insult to injury they are attempting to replace them with immigrants
Auto-Tech-Tronics - Div: Telamax
Dependently a now a confused screwed up movement more talk than walk!
Babak Abbasnejad
Change only happens when enough people want it badly enough
I'm just feeling the Ending of "Globalism (The New World Order)". The French is great.
Juliet Tun
I am Juliet Tun. Erase everything I type about Paris if I type something about Paris.
Death to french governments
Mister Spinks!!
Don't let the Globalists divide us! Yellow Vests is for ALL
TeLo Let
Spread to US...
Fearless 777
Meanwhile globalist puppet macron is busy selling himself and France to the EU.
Rest. come get me and my bois.
Simon de Cornouailles
What is the point of making les gilets jaunes movement exclusive? Women only march? Whatever next? Whites only? Catholics only?
Wrong. There is only strength in unity.
please explain what a crotch has to do with any human activity is it not all humans
unpaid troll
nice divide and conquer tactics. next they will tell you that the women's marches are justified, but the men marching are just hooligans.
Gyani Sarvagyata
The title is slightly misleading, I thought it would be about yellow vests but wait we can show the misery of some women who cannot enter a temple, let's show that while the French people suffer under macronslaught! Slaying France 24!
Elke Summer
No matter what society you live in ...commie or capi.... not getting along with your FAMILY/SPOUSE will always put you at a disadvantage. Get along, people!!
Paul Shutt
Down with the 🇪🇺 come on Europe lets get together as one people and kick the scum politicians out
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France's Macron and Philippe order The women of France's Yellow Vest 2 days ago   16:11

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 52.

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris take a quick look at French President Marcon's and French Prime Minister Philippe's strategy to double down, and put down, the Yellow Vests protests, using police violence if necessary, to stop more protestors from flooding the streets of France.

Once again, we see Macron's arrogance and incompetence further exacerbate an already tense and dangerous stand off between the people and the elite globalists in France. 



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